Upgrade Your Workouts with TB12 Jump Ropes

Here’s a new way to bring variety and unique benefits to your workouts — TB12™ Jump Ropes! These are easily the best jump ropes you’ll ever work out with. We’ve got two different sets of ropes, each with their own advantages: The Speed Rope set and the Power Rope set.

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The Speed TB12 Jump Rope set has agility ropes — lightweight jump ropes with quick revolutions. These allow for exercises with high jump frequencies and foot speed. If you want to improve your footwork and timing, the Speed set is the way to go! We have two weight options for you — a quarter-pound and a half-pound. You’ll get one of each in the Speed TB12 Jump Rope set.



The ropes in the Power TB12 Jump Rope set are a little heavier than those in the Speed set, so they offer some different benefits. They revolve more slowly, making them good ropes to learn on for beginners. These heavy ropes give you lots of feedback through the handles, so it’s less of a challenge to feel the rotations and time your jumps. If you want to engage your upper body, the Power set is perfect, since they get you to activate your muscles. They’re also great for fat burning because of the cardio-like effects. A Power TB12 Jump Rope set comes with a one-pound rope and two-pound rope.



TB12 Jump Ropes make it easy to find your perfect rope. Not only are there four different weights, there are also four different rope sizes! With jump ropes, one size does not fit all. You need a rope that’s not too long or too short. So, TB12 Jump Ropes offer these four sizes:

  • Small: 8’0″ (heights 4’9″ – 5’3″)
  • Medium: 8’6″ (heights 5’4″ – 5’8″)
  • Large: 9’0″ (heights 5’9″ – 6’2″)
  • Extra Large: 9’6″ (heights 6’3″ – 6’9″)

Don’t worry about the math, we’ve done it for you. To find your perfect size, simply find your height and choose the corresponding size. Less guesswork, more progress!



Both sets come with matching handles, perfect for the specific jump rope type. The set has a quick-change system so you can switch rope weights with ease. The handles have ceramic ball-bearings to optimize the system for smooth, complete rotations. And of course, the handles are textured for a perfect grip.



TB12 Jump Ropes are high quality and ergonomically designed to let you get the most out of your workout. These ropes will last and stay with you through your progress. Jump ropes are versatile, so when you improve, you can move on to different workouts to challenge yourself even more.

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Grab the light Speed set for $80 and the heavy Power set for $120. Add TB12 Jump Ropes to your routine now and reap the benefits. Let’s go!

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