What Do Electrolytes Actually Do?

Many sports drinks advertise how healthy they are due to their electrolyte content. They’re absolutely right to do that — electrolytes are extremely beneficial to athletes, and everyone else! Lots of people know that drinks with electrolytes are good for them, but the exact reason why is more of a mystery. Would you be able to answer someone if they asked you “what are electrolytes?” or “what do electrolytes do?”

It shouldn’t be a secret; here’s what electrolytes do.



It’s important to note that electrolytes are nutrients that naturally occur in the human body. When you’re drinking electrolytes, you’re not putting anything synthetic or foreign into your body. Assuming the electrolytes are high quality, consuming them is replenishing your body’s reserve of important nutrients and minerals.

The substances that make up electrolytes include potassium, magnesium, sodium, and more. Not only do they naturally occur in our bodies, but they also do in nature. The healthiest and purest electrolyte mixtures are derived from natural sources, like bodies of water, and free of potentially harmful additives and flavorings.



Electrolytes help us fully absorb and benefit from the water we drink. When our bodies are rich in electrolytes, our muscle cells are charged correctly, which allows water to pass through them. Without electrolytes, our cells would repel water like a raincoat, and we wouldn’t be able to stay hydrated. Thanks to electrolytes, we’re able to keep our muscles hydrated and healthy.

Although our bodies naturally produce electrolytes, it’s easy to deplete our body of this resource. We lose electrolytes by sweating and exhaling, which means that when we work out, we’re losing more electrolytes than usual. Hydrating with water alone isn’t very beneficial when our body is lacking the nutrients it needs to process it. Drinking water that includes electrolytes solves this problem, and allows our muscles to properly absorb the water we provide them with. That’s why it’s so important for athletes to provide their bodies with electrolytes.



When choosing an electrolyte source, there’s a few factors to keep in mind. First, think about what else you’re consuming when you drink something enhanced with electrolytes. If you’re drinking a flavored sports drink, the sugar and artificial flavoring it contains might hinder your sports performance, or even your health. The best way to optimize your hydration is to enhance still water with pure, unflavored electrolytes.

Next, consider how many different minerals you’re getting from your electrolyte mixture. TB12™ Electrolytes contain 72 trace minerals, so you’ll get absolutely everything your body needs for optimal hydration and maximum performance.



TB12 Electrolytes are harvested from an inland sea, making them a great source of natural electrolytes. They’re unflavored and free of additives, so they’re completely healthy and conducive to sports performance. They come in a small squeeze bottle, making them easy to travel with. Just squirt a little bit of the mixture into your water to instantly make a hydrating sports drink. Pick up a bottle of TB12 Electrolytes today and see for yourself — the hydration is worth it.

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