Why settle for just any snack when you could be indulging in something that’s actually going to help you achieve your version of sustained peak performance? Say goodbye to things that make you feel sluggish or unsatisfied (we’re looking at you, pretzels and chips), and start adding some snack MVPs to your daily routine. TB12 Snacks, the same snacks that Tom Brady keeps on hand, have all the sweet and savory elements you crave, while providing more than just filler food. They have nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and protein. Many are low in sodium — Blueberry Crunch, Amazon Crunch, and Dark Cacao Coconut have zero grams! — and low in carbs. That’s not to mention their delicious taste! Here’s what else makes them so great:

  1. Variety. Whether you lean more toward salty or sweet, there’s an option for you. From Cacao Goji Energy Squares to Buffalo Almonds and Ranch Cashews, you’re bound to find something that satisfies any craving.
  2. They’ve got the good stuff. The snacks in the grocery store are often filled with GMOs and highly processed ingredients, making it hard to find anything healthy. TB12 Snacks solve that problem for you — they’re made with only the best stuff. They’re vegan, organic, gluten and dairy free, and have no added preservatives. They’re chock full of sprouted cashews, sprouted macadamia nuts, coconut, figs, dates, and other things that you recognize and know comes from nature. That’s a welcome change from all the snacks you’d find at the supermarket!
  3. Environmentally conscious. Each snack is pre-packed in a resealable bag made from biodegradable paper, so grabbing something on the go doesn’t mean wasting resources.
  4. They fit into your diet. Switch off junk food like potato chips, which contain 180 useless calories in just seven chips! Snacks like that won’t be helping your performance any time soon. Each TB12 Snack clocks in at under 180 calories for almost an entire bag, with five varieties coming in well under 150 calories. We’re talking about snacks that won’t derail your success, but will actually help you achieve your peak performance!