Why Post-Workout Pliability is so Important

Why is post-workout pliability important? Don’t underestimate this part of your training plan. Post-workout pliability supports your body’s natural process of repairing and rebuilding muscles after an intense activity.

The approach is similar to our own pre-workout pliability, but there’s less force and less speed as we contract and relax our muscles.

During exercise, muscles fatigue and develop micro-tears. In the process of repairing themselves, your muscles become inflamed and lactic acid builds up in the tissue, both of which restrict the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow.

This all is a normal process. Most of us have felt that “pumped up” feeling we get after a workout. This isn’t anything necessary for muscle growth, it’s just lactic acid and temporary inflammation, which cause your muscles to feel tight and dense.

Post-workout pliability via our assisted devices, like our TB12™ Vibrating Roller and Vibrating Sphere, focuses on reducing inflammation and lactic acid buildup. This allows blood to circulate more freely, and expedites the recovery process by helping muscles return to a more natural, long, and softened state. Ultimately, you’ll be able to work your muscles more frequently as you do more post-workout pliability work!

You shouldn’t let tight muscles slow you down. Proper post-workout pliability benefits you, and is definitely worth it. It will alleviate muscle soreness and help you stay ready to perform — every time.

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  • Repair & rebuild: Post-workout pliability supports the natural process of repairing and rebuilding muscles after a tough workout
  • Reduce inflammation: Lactic acid buildup can cause your muscles to feel tight and dense — post-workout pliability alleviates this issue
  • Recover faster: Preventing muscle soreness with post-workout pliability will help you bounce back into your sport faster
  • Try the TB12 Method mobile app for some great pliability exercises

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