Why Tom Brady Trusts TB12 Resistance Bands

When Alex Guerrero was first designing a training plan with Tom Brady, they both knew that in order to sustain Tom’s strength and performance, they couldn’t overload his muscles. So, they started using resistance bands — and the rest is history.

For long-term peak performance, you can’t train slow and move fast. So, lifting heavy weights slowly and methodically doesn’t help you perform at the high pace of your sport. Bands, on the other hand, provide resistance at every angle, allowing you to train by mimicking the movements you do in your sport and everyday life.



The quality of our resistance bands is very important to us here at TB12, especially since Tom needs to be able to give them all he’s got. So, we sought out the most functional and durable bands ever, and now we’re happy to offer those same bands to you as TB12 looped resistance bands and handle bands.



The looped bands Tom chooses to use in training, and that we now proudly offer, are ultra strong and long-lasting. That’s because they’re made of layers of rubber seamlessly pressed together to make a continuous loop. Think about this: if a band is made by cutting out a strip of rubber and gluing its ends together, doesn’t that give it a major weak spot? How long is that glue going to last, and how many times can it be pulled before it gives? Tom and Alex didn’t want bands that could snap under pressure like that — TB12 needed bands that could withstand everything.

Our resistance bands don’t have any weak spots, since they’re continuous loops. There are only two factories in the world that make looped bands like this, so we worked with both to bring them to you. The pressed rubber design makes them perfect for all kinds of exercises, since they can endure the toughest workouts. Such a durable band is a must, since you don’t want to worry about it snapping while you’re training.



These looped bands are great for lots of different movements, and can work any muscle group you’re targeting. You can do band-specific workouts, or you can add a band to your favorite exercise for some extra challenge.

Our handle bands are great for shoulder workouts, but have many more uses, too. These resistance bands are a little bit different from the looped bands — They’re pairs of bands attached to each other at one end, with handles on the other end. They’re sheathed in ballistic nylon, made with surgical-grade dipped latex tubing, and fitted with ergonomic handles for grip.



Both our looped bands and handle bands won’t wear out, break, or lose their elasticity over time — even after years of tough training. If something goes wrong and one of your bands breaks, we’ll replace it for you any time.

We offer our bands in four tensile strengths: light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro athlete, these bands will challenge you and help you grow. Our looped bands are available in two sizes: 41-inch and 13-inch.



With all these options, you might be wondering where to start. With you in mind, we’ve created some kits that give you a good foundational supply of resistance bands, along with some other handy supplies like a door anchor, carabiners, and a bag. Choose the kit that’s right for your training and your skill level, or mix and match by getting individual looped bands. With all these options, you’ll have no problem working out your entire body and adding variety to your training plan.

The clients at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center have found our resistance bands very helpful, and we’re excited to offer them to you, too. We hope they help you with your journey to sustained peak performance!


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