There’s nothing better than crawling into bed at the end of a long, tough day of hard work. Prioritizing your body’s recovery and letting it bounce back from everything you put it through is incredibly satisfying.

There are many elements of a great sleep routine, from shutting off your electronics before bed to calming your mind through meditation or reading before shutting off the lights. There’s one part of your sleep routine you might overlook, however: what you wear while you’re sleeping. Sure, your old college T-shirt may get the job done, but there is actually something you can sleep in that enhances your sleep and recovery… something traditional PJs can’t do.

This special sleepwear is TB12 Athlete Recovery Sleepwear that we’ve developed with Under Armour. It has a soft, bioceramic print on the inside to absorb your body’s natural heat and reflect Far Infrared back toward your body. It not only helps you sleep better, but also helps you recover faster. Here’s why it’s so beneficial:

  1. Far Infrared is no joke. You may have heard of infrared therapy at a spa or doctor’s office. Infrared energy can be hugely beneficial for your body. This is a way to channel that energy at home, without any appointments or hassle. This sleepwear harnesses that power to help you recover while you sleep. It doesn’t get better than that!
  2. They’re super comfortable. Sometimes searching for well-fitting sleepwear can be a chore — some are too tight, some are too loose, and some lack stretch. With Athlete Recovery Sleepwear, the fit is just right, with just enough stretch. They’re ultra comfortable and cozy, making bedtime that much better.
  3. Temperature regulation all night. If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night to throw the covers off because you’re boiling hot, this will be a welcome change. These pajamas are made of modal, which is designed to help your body breathe and maintain an ideal temperature. That way, your body doesn’t need to focus on regulating your temperature, and can spend more time recovering. It wicks away your sweat and dries quickly, too. With steady temperature regulation, you’ll sleep comfortably and have an easy time staying asleep throughout the night.