Your New Gym: No Membership Needed

It is that time of year — New Year’s resolutions are made, Google searches for gyms are spiking, and people want to get fit.

If you’re thinking about starting a workout routine, the first thing that comes to mind is probably to get a gym membership. But finding time to go to the gym is difficult, and finding a gym that is convenient and affordable might be even more difficult. These two factors — cost and convenience — are two of the most popular excuses people use to explain their lack of exercise. And if you are among the 80 percent of people who don’t know how to make commitments and actually stick with them around New Year’s, this might be how your new fitness resolution pans out:

You start off the New Year wanting to get in shape, so you pay for a gym membership. At the start, you’re feeling determined, so you spend several weeks faithfully going to your new gym. Then work gets busy, and you have to skip a few days. Then it’s someone’s birthday, you get the flu, or something else impedes you going to the gym. These things happen, but soon, it’s been months and you’re still paying for a membership you aren’t using because “life got in the way.”

It doesn’t have to be this way. Even though it seems like going to a gym is the only option you have to get fit, that’s not true. This year, it’s your time to stick with your resolution to get fit. No more paying for gym memberships you aren’t using. No more letting your commitments fail before you even reach summer.

Your Home Gym

Fitness doesn’t have to be costly, time-consuming, or even require you to leave your home, but often there’s a perception that building your home gym is expensive and takes a lot of knowledge to put together. This is not true. Instead of buying a bunch of bulky equipment and machines that will take up room in your living space, you only need one fitness tool for an at-home workout for every muscle in your body — resistance bands.

You’ve probably seen resistance bands before and thought that they are just simple gym equipment that aren’t going to work you out as well as weights or machines, but that isn’t the case. Bands actually come with a plethora of benefits that make them the ultimate personal gym item.

The benefits of using resistance bands in your training are endless because you can perform exercises that isolate every major muscle group or you can add bands to your existing routine for an added challenge. Along with the ability to isolate muscle groups, bands can provide metabolic conditioning to increase the efficiency of your body’s energy systems. The work-rest ratio of this training helps tailor your training to your specific goals or sport.

They also offer low-impact training which allows individuals of any age or fitness level to get an effective workout while increasing range of motion, flexibility, and muscular endurance. This functional form of training not only helps you get stronger but also doesn’t apply pressure and strain on your body in the way that weights do — keeping your body safe.

Bands are inexpensive and extremely portable, allowing you to get a workout in anywhere and anytime. Their compact and lightweight design makes them perfect to throw into a bag or suitcase without compromising too much space or weight. They come in various colors and thickness which correlate with different resistance levels and allowing you to choose which band to use based on the exercise that you’re doing or the difficulty you want the exercise to be.

By eliminating cost, convenience, and time from the equation, resistance bands provide you with a much better shot at following through on your commitment to getting fit this New Year. With TB12™ Looped Resistance Bands, you’ll have an ultra-portable home gym that can work out any muscle in your body while being able to pack inside one bag. Our high-quality, resistance bands are built to withstand a lifetime of high-intensity workouts thanks to their seamless, looped design.

So grab some bands and get moving — they might just be the tool you need to help achieve your fitness goals this year.

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