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Pliability and living a healthy lifestyle have never been more important. TB12 is here to help you stay active and keep going with in-person Body Coach treatment sessions in Boston and Foxboro, and new Virtual Performance & Recovery Workouts that you can do from anywhere. These one-on-one, personalized sessions include an exercise program inspired by Tom Brady’s functional strength & conditioning routine, and also incorporate recommendations for optimal hydration, nutrition, and cognitive fitness.

Follow-up Nutrition Consultations with our Nutritionist are also available and will be held using a video communication platform.  To book a follow-up Nutrition Consultation, select “Nutrition Consultation Follow-Up 60 Min” in the first drop-down menu below, and leave “All Body Coaches” selected in the second drop-down menu.

To book a TB12 appointment:

  • Select an appointment type from the dropdown menu
  • Select a Body Coach (or leave “All Body Coaches” selected if you would like to see availability of all)
  • Select the location you would like to visit (you do not need to select a location for virtual services)
  • Select a date
  • Select a time slot

We will confirm your appointment request via email within 1 business day.

If you would prefer to schedule an appointment with our reception team, please call one of our facilities directly.

TB12 Boston:  +1 (857) 449-7525

TB12 Foxboro: +1 (508) 543-4900