A Guide to TB12 Vitamins and Supplements

A Guide to TB12 Vitamins and Supplements

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At TB12 we stay true to the definition of the word “supplement”: something that complements or enhances other things — like your diet — when added. We believe an ideal supplement has a clear and valuable purpose, strong science behind it, and is what it’s supposed to be: a collection of high-quality nutrients that support your diet, training, recovery, longevity, immunity, and performance. Read on to learn about the foundational philosophy that guided our selection of ingredients; the steps we’ve taken to ensure quality, authenticity, and safety; and why we’ve selected these 5 products.

What You DON’T Want In Your Supplements: Wouldn’t it be nice to believe that the bottle of FDA-approved vitamins you’re wanting to buy would actually be what they say they are? That they contain ingredients that could help you and not hurt you? A few years ago six former FDA commissioners, meeting up in Aspen, Colo., talked openly about why consumers of vitamin supplements should be alarmed. In an article titled, "Why Vitamins and Other 'Dietary Supplements' Can Contain Anything,” the former agency heads lamented on their collective failure to “ensure safety and legitimacy of products,” as The Atlantic put it. David Kessler, who served as the FDA Commissioner from 1990 to 1997, raised the issue of how thousands of new food additives had been been judged safe enough for consumers and allowed into the overall food system. Since it was essentially the manufacturers themselves declaring the additives safe, Kessler called the approval system “a joke.” Certified by NSF International through the NSF Certified for Sport® program, TB12 Supplements ensure that you get only what your body needs for peak performance. Recognized by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) as the program best suited for athletes wanting safety and quality in their supplements, the NSF Certified for Sport® program "certifies that what is on the label is in the bottle and that the product does not contain unsafe levels of contaminants, prohibited substances or masking agents." 

4 Ways a High-Quality Supplement Can Support You: There are 4 key ways supplementing your lifestyle can help you feel better, live better, and perform better:

  1. It ensures you can get the nutrients and minerals you may be lacking in your diet.
  2. It offers “insurance” by providing antioxidants that protect against free radical damage that can be caused by hard training, stress, and pollution.
  3. It can improve digestion and your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and minerals.
  4. It can ensure we get enough omega-3 essential fatty acids to maintain normal inflammation levels and support metabolism, along with hormone and nerve function.

Simple, Authentic, Effective:

Within the TB12 philosophy, supplements are meant to be just that: Supplements. “I’m a big believer in the smart use of certain supplements,” Tom says. “They’ve been a regular part of my daily routine since 2000. The TB12 Method is about quality of life, and the supplements I take help me achieve peak performance and promote muscle regeneration.” The TB12 line of supplements is meant to deliver on Tom’s promise of peak performance and muscle regeneration, and nothing more. We focus on high-quality ingredients without artificial additives or unnecessary inactive ingredients. Introducing VitalFit X TB12 Supplements: “I’m a big believer in the smart use of certain supplements — they’ve been a regular part of my daily routine since 2000. The TB12 Method is about quality of life, and the supplements I take help me achieve peak performance and promote muscle regeneration.” — Tom Brady TB12™

TB12 Multivitamin:

Vitamins and minerals are essential for metabolizing food into energy and supporting post-workout muscle growth. TB12 Multivitamin is formulated with high-potency amounts of vitamin D, B-complex, and beta-carotene to support energy production, hormonal balance, and antioxidant protection.† TB12 Multivitamin features antioxidants not typically included in multivitamins (e.g., lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, and pterostilbene). It also features phytonutrients from spinach and berry extracts that protect against the free radical damage that comes with hard exercise.† Certified for quality and safety by the NSF Certified for Sport® Program, TB12 Multivitamin was developed to maximize absorption and long-term results. TB12™

TB12 Omega:

Studies have shown omega-3 fatty acids can increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat. TB12 Omega helps maintain normal levels of inflammation and support the cardiovascular and neurological needs of athletes.† Omega-3 fatty acid EPA may provide better oxygen delivery during exercise and help remove lactic acid from the body. Omega-3 fatty acid DHA, the most abundant fatty acid in the brain, is essential for optimal brain function and memory.† Certified for quality and safety by the NSF Certified for Sport® Program, TB12 Omega is ultra-pure, and has been tested for heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, and other contaminants.

TB12 Probiotic: 

This supplement helps keep your digestive system in balance with eight strains of potent probiotics plus a prebiotic fiber. When in equilibrium, your gut microflora helps your intestines maximize nutrient absorption and keeps your metabolism fine-tuned. Stay in equilibrium with the 15 billion live beneficial microorganisms in every TB12 Probiotic capsule. Clinical trials show that exposure to these microbes through the gut may strengthen immune function.† Certified for quality and safety by the NSF Certified for Sport® Program, TB12 Probiotic was developed without unnecessary fillers and ingredients.

TB12 Vitamin D:

Vitamin D, known as the “sunshine vitamin,” can contribute to healthy immune function, muscle recovery, and the absorption of calcium and other nutrients — and avoiding vitamin D deficiency can help diffuse muscle pain and reduce muscle weakness.† Supplementing with TB12 Vitamin D can help your body perform better when ideal sunlight exposure isn’t possible, like during winter or an indoor training season.† Certified for quality and safety by the NSF Certified for Sport® Program, TB12 Vitamin D helps you shine.

TB12 Focus:

To get your body firing on all cylinders, start with a clear mind and a healthy brain. To support this, TB12 Focus includes acetyl-l-carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid, and biotin. These nutrients have been clinically studied together for their positive effect on mitochondrial function in the brain and healthy gene expression.† This trio also activates nutrient transport into mitochondria, where nutrients are converted into energy that fuels brain function and neurotransmission.† Additional cognitive support comes from lutein, a vitamin found in leafy greens, and alpha-GPC, a compound found in the brain.† With TB12 Focus, your mind will be ready to power your body through its toughest physical and mental workouts. Certified for quality and safety by the NSF Certified for Sport® Program.

TB12 Protect:

Tough workouts, long days, and too much stress can leave you — and your immune system — burnt out. Research shows that everyday stress can limit the production of white blood cells while high-intensity training can reduce levels of key antibodies — leaving your body susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and outside threats. From supporting natural killer cells to replenishing antibodies post-exercise, Protect helps activate your immune system and counter stress-induced immune suppression so you can stay active, resilient, and ready for whatever comes your way. Protect helps your immune system recover from a variety of stressors and enhance key immune functions. The ingredients in Protect help increase circulating levels of white blood cells and antibodies, improve immune cell communication and efficiency, and help manage your immune response to prevent overstimulation. TB12 Protect provides daily support for a healthy immune response through 5 simple and powerful ingredients: Larch Tree (Resistaid), Beta Glucan (Wellmune), Elderberry, Zinc, and Vitamin C and is backed by ingredient-specific clinical trials that show an increase in respiratory health, energy, and vigor by optimizing immune health.

VitalFit Tart Cherry:

Sore muscles, achy joints, and occasional afternoon back pain can be a real...pain. It can kill your workout, throw off your workday, and stop your weekend in its tracks. Thanks to Mother Nature, it doesn't need to be that way. Cue Tart Cherry, a natural anti-inflammatory to help shake daily aches, pains, and soreness so you can move with purpose through every day, every workout. Kickstart your recovery with VitalFit Tart Cherry, a powerful, natural solution to counter the effects of inflammation, oxidative stress, and free radical damage on the body. From the field to the gym, good workouts make for sore muscles. VitalFit Tart Cherry helps manage inflammation and helps to alleviate soreness & joint pain related to exercise. Restorative plant compounds, unique to tart cherries work fast (1-3 hours fast!), help alleviate aches, pains, and soreness—naturally. It all starts with flavonoids called anthocyanins which are shown to help block the same anti-inflammatory enzymes as over-the-counter pain relievers, but with none of the side effects.

The TB12 Approach:

The TB12 approach to improving performance through recovery is comprehensive: drawing from innovative, effective methods that include pliability, hydration, nutrition, functional strength & conditioning, and cognitive fitness. Our full line of TB12 Supplements will help you get the maximum return on all the investments you’re making in your life.