What is "Native" Whey Protein?

What is "Native" Whey Protein?

Introducing TB12 Native Whey Protein! We are excited to bring you our new and improved whey protein. Native Whey is a less processed version of whey protein that can more efficiently optimize protein synthesis and improve muscle function. This translates into faster recovery and higher protein availability per gram that most other protein powder options. It’s free of sugar, lactose, gluten, fat, and carbs. Read on to learn about the functional benefits of the cleanest and greenest protein you can get!

How does TB12 Native Whey differ from other whey protein?

Most whey proteins are produced as a byproduct of cheese production—whey is derived from the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled, coagulated, and strained. It is often heavily processed which not only can change the composition of the protein itself, but may also have sugar, fats, bacteria, and residual chemicals added as a result of the lengthy production process. This can lead to a protein less effective at helping you reach your goals. 

On the other hand, Native Whey is produced much more simply. It begins with skimmed milk which is processed only using cold filtration and is then dried at a low temperature. There are no added ingredients—and no toxins, heavy metals, or added chemicals—making Native Whey extremely pure, easily digestible, and chock full of essential amino acids. 

What are the benefits of TB12 Native Whey?

Fast Recovery: After a workout, you want to eat protein quickly—ideally within 20-30 minutes of finishing your sweat session. Your body is able to absorb Native Whey faster than other protein sources, allowing your muscles and joints to recover more quickly. How you perform is a result of how you recover, and Native Whey supports performance and endurance through helping your body recover and rebuild faster.

Better Amino Acid Production: Because Native Whey is filtered on a low temperature, Native Whey is loaded with essential amino acids that your body cannot produce by itself, such as leucine, lysine, threonine, and more. Amino acids are critical for nutrient absorption, tissue repair, and can also support mood, sleep, and athletic performance. In particular, Native Whey has 17% more leucine—an amino acid critical for building and repairing muscles—than a traditional whey protein. 

Higher Protein Availability: In order for protein to be effective, it needs to be efficiently digested and transmitted to your muscle cells. Native Whey is minimally processed, giving it a higher purity level of 95% protein and greater bioavailability. This means you get more protein from a smaller serving, and your body can utilize it more efficiently. 

Easy to Digest: A complaint we often hear about traditional whey protein is that it can cause gas, bloating, and stomach cramps. This is due to it being a byproduct of cheese production. Over time, high consumption of traditional whey can be linked to headaches, fatigue, and digestive troubles. Native Whey is easy to digest and lactose free, making it smooth on your stomach. 

Weight Management: If weight management is something you’re working on, Native Whey is a great option. Because Native Whey has higher protein availability, you can consume less protein and calories for the same results. Studies demonstrate that a 15g serving of Native Whey leads to the same amount of muscle protein synthesis as 30g of other protein options.

Sustainably Produced: Compared to other types of protein powders, Native Whey produces significantly fewer carbon emissions. By not using excessive heat, not only do we preserve the integrity of the protein, but we also reduce our carbon footprint. It also only contains one ingredient, meaning less fossil fuels are burned transporting or importing ingredients. 

How can I use it?

You can use TB12 Native Whey the same way you would use any other protein. Native Whey is unflavored making it a blank canvas for protein shakes, smoothies, protein bites, pancakes, and more. We recommend consuming protein every 4-6 hours throughout the day so get creative with how you use this easily mixable protein! If you’re making a post-workout recovery shake, we love adding in a serving of TB12 Electrolytes for some flavor and a burst of hydration. For optimal results, pair with our foundational supplements

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