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October 31, 2022

Here’s What It Takes To Be A TB12 Body Coach

Hi! My name is David Merson and I’ve been at TB12 for over 8 years. I serve as a Body Coach in Foxboro as well as TB12’s Manager of Clinical Development where I lead hiring and training for all new TB12 Body Coaches. I am a licensed physical therapist and a certified athletic trainer.

Prior to joining TB12 nearly a decade ago, I worked at a traditional physical therapy practice for five years. Although that experience was important to my development, TB12 gave me the opportunity to learn a whole new set of skills, develop long-lasting relationships with clients, and approach my work in a more holistic way. 

If you’re interested in becoming a TB12 Body Coach and joining the TB12 family, read on to learn about what we look for when hiring and our training process where I manage with the Development team to hire and train all Body Coaches.

What certifications do potential TB12 Body Coaches need before applying?

We hire certified athletic trainers, licensed physical therapists, and acupuncturists at select locations. If hired, you must be able to obtain current working state licensure if your existing licensure is from another state.

Where are you located?

We currently have TB12 Centers in Foxboro, Boston, and Tampa. In addition, we have partnerships with Equinox locations in NYC as well as with HSS Florida in West Palm Beach, the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia, and the Wynn in Las Vegas. We have at least one TB12 Body Coach at each of our partner locations. We’re opening new centers and expanding our partnerships yearly—keep posted! 

What do you look for in a TB12 Body Coach when hiring?

We look for applicants who are driven to work hard and will partner well with our clients. Our hands-on services are at the crux of what TB12 was built on so TB12 Body Coaches must have a desire to help their clients succeed, grow, and live pain-free. We look for people who are empowering, adaptable, solutions-oriented, and always learning new techniques and approaches. TB12 provides endless opportunities for growth and development so if you have high ambitions and are dedicated to your work, we’d love to meet you

What is the training process like?

Developing and hiring high-performing TB12 Body Coaches is key as we continue to expand and build additional centers and partnerships. All of our training is led by our expert team of TB12 Clinical Instructors and Body Coach Developers. 

Once hired, all Body Coaches participate in a 5-week intensive training program that involves both online components and on-site training at our flagship location in Foxboro. This includes an introductory course, online learning modules, shadowing current TB12 Body Coaches, and hands on practice and mentorship.

Once the initial training phase is complete, TB12 Body Coaches enter a residency phase. During this time, newly hired TB12 Body Coaches co-treat with TB12 Clinical Instructors and Body Coach Developers to gain experience working directly with clients before moving to their assigned TB12 location.

What is the difference between TB12 Body Coach and a Physical Therapist or a Certified Athletic Trainer?

We require all TB12 Body Coaches to be licensed Physical Therapists and/or certified and licensed Athletic Trainers. At TB12, we train each TB12 Body Coach cohort on an individualistic basis. Part of this rigorous training includes holistic education on the five pillars of  TB12—pliability, nutrition, hydration, movement, and mental fitness. Our TB12 Body Coaches work one-on-one with our clients and incorporate this holistic framework towards health and wellness into their work. We also incorporate hands-on, deep force pliability work in most client sessions

While a Physical Therapist may work with a client to rehab an injury, many TB12 clients come to us to take their game to the next level, proactively prevent injury, up their functional fitness, reduce general pain, and more. We pride ourselves in developing long-term partnerships with our clients. 

What does a typical day as a Body Coach look like?

No two days are the same and much of it depends on the clients you’re seeing. In addition to working one-on-one with clients and creating treatment plans, TB12 Body Coaches collaborate with other Body Coches, maintain medical records, and help with day-to-day service operations. TB12 Body Coaches also develop written and video content for our website and social media channels and serve as an ambassador of the TB12 Method at events. 

What makes working at TB12 unique?

The relationship between Co-Founders Tom and Alex inspired the Body Coach model at TB12. Clients and TB12 Body Coaches work together to focus on lifestyle choices that promote health, resiliency, and vitality. We understand that no two clients are the same and we use each client’s goals and ambitions to drive our programming and treatment. Because of our innovative and holistic approach, our clients typically recover from injuries significantly faster than those who do traditional physical therapy. We have state of the art equipment and train using our own products.

I have clients who I have seen for almost 10 years. The consistent and high-quality care that we provide allows us Body Coaches to form a special relationship with clients. Our clients feel right at home when they walk into a TB12 center or partnership location and are empowered to take responsibility for their health.

Interested in learning more about the TB12 Body Coach and client relationship? Check out our client story series, TB12 Works For You also available on our YouTube channel

We’re just getting started—join us!

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We transform lives through the TB12 Method. Explore our one-to-one services, integrative solutions, and unparalleled client success stories.


We transform lives through the TB12 Method. Explore our one-to-one services, integrative solutions, and unparalleled client success stories.


We transform lives through the TB12 Method. Explore our one-to-one services, integrative solutions, and unparalleled client success stories.