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When most people see a pair of sweatpants or casual pants, they likely don’t think about how it might affect their performance. But for athletes like us, the clothes we wear can have a direct effect on the quality of our output, and the perfect pair of drawstring jogger pants can be a key ingredient in your overall fitness journey.

Not only can a great set of sweats give you the confidence and motivation to put in your best work, but it can also help you stay comfortable for your entire training session. This means better performance, enhanced endurance, and a greater experience during your sessions.

Plus, when you’re wearing clothes you feel good about, there’s a chance that other people are looking at you and giving you the same amount of respect. Your look at the gym can help you make new friends and business partners and engage with people in more meaningful ways.

Elevated Basics

TB12 women’s and men’s pants are elevated versions of your favorite, comfy pair of stretch pants — because an elevated athlete should have elevated clothing to match.

Our midweight sweats are made of a blend of cotton and polyester for all-day comfort, no matter where the day takes you. From the track to the gym or from the couch to the bed, we have premium pants for both your training days and rest days.

The classic look of sweatpants is elevated with our TB12 logo, jersey-lined pockets, and a sewn eyelet drawcord to adjust the waist as needed. And with a relaxed fit, you can have a full range of motion for any exercise regardless of the intensity.

Sweatpants help you feel like you’re putting in the work by sweating even more than a typical pair of gym shorts or joggers. This makes you feel even more satisfied, accomplished, and proud after a tough game or a long gym session.

Versatile and Comfortable

Pair our pants with your favorite athletic top, sports jersey, or track jacket for a stylish gym fit that’s perfect for game day and training day. Or, throw on a classic T-shirt or an oversized hoodie, like one of our sweatshirts, to make for the perfect loungewear that accentuates your recovery day. It’s the type of sweat that you can wear anywhere, anytime, for anything.

Your recovery days are just as important as the work you put into your training sessions. And while it might feel difficult to want to step away from the field or the gym and take a rest, these sweats will have you ready and excited to give your body the rest it needs to bounce back even stronger tomorrow.

Elevate your look and your performance in one fell swoop with these versatile midweight, unisex sweatpants from TB12.