TB12™ Looped Band Start Up Kit

  • TB12™ Looped Band Start Up Kit
  • TB12™ Looped Band Start Up Kit Bag
$ 250.00


The TB12™ Looped Band Start Up Kit sets you up to sustain peak performance with the TB12 Method.  It includes our professional-grade looped band kit, a tin of TB12™ Protein, 2 bottles of TB12 Electrolytes, the TB12 Method book, with a gym bag to help you keep it all together.

TB12™ Looped Bands together with exercises developed through the TB12 Method are a critical component to creating a pliable muscle base supported by a strong, stable core.  These are the same bands utilized daily by Tom Brady and at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center in Foxboro

The bands come in a kit which offers different levels of tensile strength (Light, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy) and different sizes (13" and 41") to support exercises targeting each muscle group.  The kit also includes a high-quality door anchor and 2 high-strength carabiners specifically designed for in-home use.  2 velcro linking straps are included to support partner exercises.