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Want to perform at a higher level?
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Expert One on One Guidance

At TB12 Foxboro you’ll experience a  one-on-one session with a TB12 Body Coach who will assess your biomechanics, identify asymmetries, perform deep-force muscle pliability work, and develop a comprehensive, personalized program for you to follow outside of our facility.

Comprehensive Professional Diagnostic Assessment

Skilled TB12 Body Coaches utilize cutting-edge equipment including metabolic testing, anti-gravity treadmills, and optical systems for gait and unilateral jump analysis to develop a personalized program to help you achieve your goals.

Functional Strength and Conditioning

Form-first resistance band-based training helps you target specific deficiencies and improve balance while mirroring sport-specific movements so you can prepare the way you play.

Hydration, Nutrition, and Cognitive Consultation

Personalized nutrition and hydration assessment and planning, plus an introduction to adopting a winning mindset, is key to our holistic approach to enhancing performance through recovery.

Injury Management & Prevention

Body Coaches work toward managing and minimizing the incidence of injuries through identifying potential problem spots and creating programming that can restore balance and symmetry to your posture and movement patterns.

Testing and Innovation

TB12 Foxboro also serves as a testing facility, where our Body Coaches test cutting-edge products and services in the health and fitness industry.

Meet The TB12 Body Coaches

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TB12 Foxboro

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    240 Patriot Pl Foxborough, MA 02035

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    (508) 543.4900

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    Monday through Friday 7AM - 5PM

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