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TB12™ Amazon Superfood Bites front
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TB12™ Amazon Superfood Bites

/ $27

Delicious, nutrient-dense snacks for on-the-go nutrition


Healthy fats, fiber, and vital nutrients


No refined sugars


Raw, organic, and gluten-free

Rainforest ingredients make TB12 Amazon Superfood Bites a wholesome yet compact tool against hunger.

The crunch comes from sprouted Brazil nuts, which are loaded with the trace mineral and antioxidant selenium, coarsely ground with sprouted cashews. The nut duo is mixed with another tropical superfood, cacao powder, then lightly sweetened with dates and coconut sugar. Each nutrient-filled bite will fuel you with healthy fats and fiber to keep your body and mind happy.

Like all TB12 snacks, our Amazon Superfood Bites is certified organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and raw. Each box contains 6 individual snack packs. 



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    TB12™ Crunch
    TB12™ Crunch