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TB12™ Cacao Goji Superfood Bites front
TB12™ Cacao Goji Superfood Bites back

TB12™ Cacao Goji Superfood Bites

/ $27

Delicious, nutrient-dense snacks for on-the-go nutrition


Healthy fats, fiber, and vital nutrients


No refined sugars


Raw, organic, and gluten-free

When you need an on-the-go superhero boost, reach for TB12 Cacao Goji Superfood Bites.

These satisfying bites combine seeds, dried fruit, and cacao to keep you topped up on nutrients. The sunflower seeds are rich with both vitamin C and iron. Cacao powder balances the sweetness of the dried fruit while also providing antioxidants.

Like all TB12 snacks, our Cacao Goji Superfood Bites are certified organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and raw. Each box contains 6 individual snack packs. 



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    On-The-Go Energy Boost

    Fruits and seeds combine for a slightly sweet, wholesome snack to help you keep going.

    Antioxidants & Iron

    Sunflower seeds are rich in both vitamin C and iron while cacao powder provides antioxidants that can prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress.

    Goji Benefits

    Studies suggest goji berries can support longevity, athletic performance, and body composition.

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