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TB12 Immunity Game Plan Starter Kit PLUS
TB12 Electrolyte Bundle
TB12 Wellness Bundle
Vanilla TB12 Plant-Based Protein
Chocolate TB12 Plant-Based Protein
VitalFit x TB12 Protect

TB12™ Immunity Game Plan Starter Kit PLUS

/ $250

A complete suite of immune-boosting nutrients & functional equipment


Nourish essential immune cells


Support an efficient immune response


Train & recover with functional equipment

It's more important than ever to give your body everything it needs to help support your immune system. We’ve simplified it for you by curating our best immunity-supporting TB12 products into one easy-to-use kit. Our new, innovative VitalFit x TB12 Protect supplement helps support a healthy immune response with key ingredients like Elderberry, Vitamin C, Zinc and more. Hydrate efficiently with TB12 electrolytes, supplement your protein intake with delicious TB12 Plant-Based Protein and maintain your rich antioxidants, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Omega-3’s levels - all with one kit. Plus, make your at-home workouts count with TB12 resistance bands. Maintaining proper hydration, protein intake, mineral support and activity levels has never been simpler.


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