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TB12™ Probiotic Front


/ $39

15 billion beneficial organisms for a balanced, healthy gut


Healthy digestion*


Nutrient absorption*


Good bacteria in your gut*

Get more from your gut.

A balanced digestive system is necessary for optimal health.

TB12 Probiotic helps keep your digestive system in balance with eight strains of potent probiotics plus a prebiotic fiber. When in equilibrium, your gut microflora helps your intestines maximize nutrient absorption and keeps your metabolism fine-tuned. Stay in equilibrium with the 15 billion live beneficial microorganisms in every TB12 Probiotic capsule. Clinical trials show that exposure to these microbes through the gut may strengthen immune function.* Certified for quality and safety by the NSF Certified for Sport® Program, TB12 Probiotic was developed without unnecessary fillers and ingredients. Learn more about TB12 Supplements and Vitamins.


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