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VitalFit RedRoot

VitalFit™️ RedRoot

/ $40

Primed for the workout ahead


Provides pre-training energy*


Supports improved endurance*


No tingly-sensations or crash*

VitalFit™️ RedRoot is an oxygenating, pre-workout powder to help prime your body for the workout ahead. We've combined red-violet beets with raw red spinach to deliver stamina-boosting phytonutrients that keep your muscles feeling fresh and carry you through every circuit, interval, and rep thrown your way. The key to VitalFit™️ RedRoot’s energizing and endurance-building qualities are plant-based nitrates, which counter lactic acid that causes muscle burn and fatigue. Once consumed, these nitrates improve blood flow and transport energy throughout your body, minus tingles, jitters, and a post-workout crash.*


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