TB12 Center

Welcome to FOXBORO

What is the TB12 Center?

The TB12 Center is an athletic performance and rehabilitation facility located in Foxboro, Massachusetts, fundamentally shifting the way athletes of all levels think about preparation, longevity, and recovery. Our team of Body Coaches work one-on-one with our clients to provide them with personalized training programs designed to help them reach their goals. Our training programs integrate revolutionary concepts in muscle pliability work, hydration, nutrition, functional strength and conditioning training, and cognitive performance training. The TB12 Center also serves as a testing facility, where our Body Coaches test new products and services in the health and fitness industry.

Meet the Coaches

At the TB12 Center, our skilled, experienced team of Body Coaches are doing more than just rehab or athletic training. They are inspiring and forming relationships with their clients to bring positive change into their lives.

“As a Body Coach, I am rewarded with the opportunity to impact the lives of my clients on a daily basis. Being able to help them achieve their goals, or help them accomplish things they never thought would be possible is why I do what I do.” — James Castrello, Head TB12 Body Coach

Meet The Clients

We are devoted to building lasting relationships with our clients and helping them achieve their goals. Whether they rehabbing an injury, performance training, or simply staying active, our goal is to give them the confidence they need to do what they love better and longer.

Join Us In Foxboro

The TB12 Center is located at 240 Patriot Place in Foxboro, Massachusetts and is open from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Call (508) 543-4900 to schedule your treatment session. If you have any questions reach out to [email protected]

If you are visiting the TB12 Center, there are two on-site lodging options:

If you can’t join us in Foxboro, bring TB12 with you anywhere, anytime.