2023 TB12 Foundation Boston Marathon Team

2023 TB12 Foundation Boston Marathon Team

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With Marathon Monday fast approaching, we’re excited to introduce the talented team of runners who will be running the 2023 Boston Marathon on the TB12 Foundation Boston Marathon Team!

The TB12 Foundation educates and inspires underserved athletes to excel both in sports and in life by providing them with access to innovative health and wellness resources that support performance and recovery.

Starting in 2019, the TB12 Foundation has entered a team into the Boston Marathon each year. Every runner trains hard, pushes their limits, and raises money to support the Foundation.

We are so grateful for the runners who are running the Boston Marathon in support of the TB12 Foundation this year and are excited to see them at the finish line on Boylston Street this April!

Greg Abovsky

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

As Chief Financial Officer of Fanatics Collectibles, Greg oversees all business and financial planning, accounting, investor relations, purchasing, tax, treasury and divisional finance for the company. Prior to joining Fanatics Collectibles, Greg was the Chief Financial Officer of StubHub Holdings, Inc. and previously served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Yandex NV.

Greg began his career in the investment banking division of Morgan Stanley and has over 20 years of experience in a variety of finance and investment management roles in the media and technology sectors. 

This will be Greg's third marathon and his first Boston Marathon. 

Christian Adel

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

Christian is constantly pushing himself, and in fact, is not a fan of  long distance running!  Since he continuously tests his discipline and will, he has set a goal to run and complete all 6 Abbott World Marathon Majors. 

This Boston Marathon will be his second marathon overall as he ran the NYC marathon in 2022. 

He is being cheered on by his wife Michelle and his two kids, Isaiah and Makenzie.


Logan Amaral

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

The 2023 Boston Marathon will be Logan's fifth overall marathon.  Running has been a part of her lifestyle for 6 years now and it has become the time in her day where she can focus on herself.  She clears her head and knows that the post run feeling is like none other. 

The energy of Boston is what keeps her coming back; Boston comes together every Patriots day and is a strong reminder of how much heart Boston has.

She will be met at the finish line by her 2 year old niece. 

Jacquie Boudreau

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

Jacquie lives in Washington, DC, but running Boston is coming home.  In fact, she can't wait to hit mile 21 at the top of Heartbreak Hill, which is where she grew up. While growing up on the course, Marathon Monday has become her favorite day of the year and one that she has the strongest connections to. 

Discipline is the key to her success and in her hardest moments, she draws on the memory of her father and the strength of her mother.  It is her greatest motivation. 

She will be met at the finish line by her Mom, Stepdad and all of her childhood friends from Boston.

Lauren Bradley

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

My name is Lauren Bradley. I’m 26 and grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, but have lived in Boston for about 4 years now and now I don’t see myself leaving the northeast!

The 2023 Boston Marathon will be my first ever, but I have always been active and competitive (being the youngest of 4, I was always playing catch up to my older siblings.) I played 4 years of D2 lacrosse in college, and since graduating in 2019, I never lost my passion to maintain a healthy lifestyle and find new ways to physically and mentally challenge myself. After watching my first Boston Marathon in 2022, I knew it was something I wanted to accomplish.

I came across TB12 Foundation after researching organizations I feel strongly about supporting and instantly felt aligned with the mission and vision of helping athletes excel in sports and life. I’m so proud to say I’m running on behalf of the TB12 Foundation and I am most looking forward to hugging my family when I cross the finish line!

Chloe Castellano

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

Chloe is from Wilmington, MA and a first time marathoner!  Growing up, she would cheer on the runners every Marathon Monday and thinks that there is no better city than Boston to run her first marathon.

Chloe has been training with weekly runs on the course and is visualizing her finish on Boylston St. 

She will be met at the finish line by her parents and two brothers.


Devon Choi

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

Devon was born in Massachusetts, but grew up in Hong Kong.  Now that he has moved back to the United States and lives in Massachusetts, he knows the time is now to make his dream happen.  He has set a goal of completing all 6 Abbott World Marathon Majors, with Boston being his first. 

When lacking motivation, Devon knows that the only way to get better is to stay consistent. 

Devon lives in Natick, MA.

Tim Crane

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

This will be Tim's first Boston Marathon, and his second overall marathon.

His desire to raise money for student athletes is very strong. He finds the TB12 Method to be the best treatment method for all athletes, and to be able to raise money for students who may not have access to such training is something he considers an honor.

Tim lives in New York City and is the CEO of Gotham Biotech.

Brett DiPanfilo

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

A lifelong athlete, Brett grew up playing basketball but has since grown to love endurance running and is currently a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 

This will be his third marathon (Chicgao in 2021 and Berlin in 2022) in his third year of competitive endurance running.  Through the ups and downs in life, Brett will always draw on every ounce of his strength to KEEP GOING. 

Brett simply can't wait to represent the TB12 Foundation at the world's biggest marathon in the greatest city in the world.


Dave Eders

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

Dave knows a thing or two about marathons, as this will be his 9th overall marathon. 

He and his wife have set a goal to run all 6 Abbott World Marathon Majors and are being encouraged by their two children who are their biggest cheerleaders. 

Dave lives in New York City.


Pam Harlow

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

Pam is running in honor of her parents, who have both passed away within the last 5 years. Her parents were the ones who fostered her love of running as they coached, encouraged and supported Pam starting at the age of 12. 

Having run the Boston Marathon last year, she loved the entire experience and claims that it really is magical. 

Pam is from Ballwin, Missouri.


Brendan Howarth

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

Brendan, from South Weymouth, MA, chose to run the Boston Marathon as his first ever marathon.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, there is no better place he could think of to run his first marathon. He dreams of crossing that finish line on Boylston Street and making his loved ones proud. 

Brendan is a health care worker in Boston, MA.


Collin Molepe

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

Running is simply part of Collin's every day lifestyle. 

Reaching optimal health is very important to Collin and he has the best support partner in his wife, Lillian. 

Collin is traveling from South Africa to achieve this goal of finishing the Boston Marathon. This is Collin's first marathon.


Ethan Plasker

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

Ethan is motivated to finish his first ever marathon on April 17th by continually asking himself "What If?  What if I am in a better mood later because I finished my run?" 

This question that he asks himself helps him stay motivated and disciplined in his training. 

Ethan is from New York City and will be met by loved ones at the finish line.

Andrew Tasso

Andrew is a passionate outdoors enthusiast, who has always been drawn to the thrill of adventure and pushing his limits. Despite being a self-proclaimed amateur athlete, Andrew has always enjoyed staying active, whether it's hiking in the mountains or cycling in his spare time.

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

Andrew is taking on his biggest challenge yet by participating in his first-ever marathon. As a husband and father of two children, Andrew is motivated to leading an active and healthy lifestyle, and he hopes to inspire others to do the same.

Originally from the Midwest, Andrew recently relocated to New England with his family after spending nearly a decade in Seattle, Washington. He studied at Suffolk University in Boston, where he met his wife, and he's thrilled to be returning to the city where he fell in love.

Andrew is excited to be representing and fundraising for the TB12 Foundation, and determined to make the most of this incredible opportunity. He's looking forward to crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon with pride and joy.

Alya Rohali

TB12 Foundation - Marathon Team

Alya has run 6 total marathons, and the Boston Marathon will be her 6th star for the Abbott World Marathon Majors. 

With many hours spent training, she has had a fair share of injuries.  This has given her a new appreciation for the TB12 Method, and by raising money for the TB12 Foundation she will be able to give others that same opportunity. 

Alya is from Jakarta, Indonesia and an influencer on social media.

Andrea Sacchi

TB12 Foundation - Marathon

Andrea has run an impressive 10 marathons total, with this being his first Boston Marathon. 

Other marathons include New York City, Berlin, Stockholm, and Copenhagen, among many others. 

He is a finance director from Turin, Italy.

Thank you, again, to all of the runners on the 2022 TB12 Foundation Team! If you’re interested in donating to the TB12 Foundation in support of this year’s Boston Marathon team, you can donate online here and learn more about the TB12 Foundation here.