Whether you’re an athlete or simply staying active, it’s vital to prioritize balance, recovery, and injury prevention. We believe there’s no other way to live an optimal life. We combine pliability, nutrition, hydration, resistance band strength training, and cognitive health, to prepare your body and mind to do what you love, longer.

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TB12 Holiday Workout Guide

When the holidays roll around, there’s a tendency to overindulge on treats and skip workouts to enjoy time with family and friends. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t have any downtime or shouldn’t enjoy your favorite holiday dish — it’s all about balance and doing everything in moderation. A few days of having more sweets, alcohol, […]


The Power of Presence

Our world is full of distractions — distractions that are holding us back and keeping us from achieving our goals. Whether it is constant push notifications while at work or loud fans while you’re team is on the road, you need to block out the distractions and focus on what matters — the present moment. […]


Recipe: Apple Pie Smoothie

Sweet apples fill orchards across the country, but if you’re deciding to skip out on apple pie doesn’t mean you have to pass up on the classic holiday flavor. Our take on Grandma’s tasty Thanksgiving dessert with simple, healthy ingredients and ready in less than 5 minutes. Easy as pie! The fresh, ripe apples pack […]


TB12 Travel Guide

Traveling is stressful — that stress can make it nearly impossible to eat healthily and exercise regularly. We understand that the last thing on your mind when traveling is finding a gym or eating a balanced meal, so here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to help you settle into a healthy travel […]


4 Ways To Speed Up Your Recovery

Rest and recovery are critical components for any athlete’s training. As an athlete, you are only as good as your ability to recover, so to maximize your training, it’s important to take care of your body. Rest Our bodies can take care of itself if you allow it time to do so — sleep allows […]


Peak Performer: Kevin Flike

Wounded By War, But Never Broken. Kevin Flike was a Green Beret in the United States Army for seven years. On September 25, 2011, during his second deployment to Afghanistan, he was shot in the stomach and suffered several injuries, requiring multiple surgeries. He was left with a fractured hip, paralyzed left leg, and was […]


Don’t Just Survive the Holidays — Thrive

The holiday season can be quite hectic. Shopping, socializing, entertaining, and traveling take up considerable amounts of time and energy, and can often leaving you feeling like you need a break from your holiday break. Ultimately, everyone is just trying to survive the holidays — but don’t just try and survive, thrive! The end of […]


Client Spotlight: Jack Thorbahn

“TB12 HAS GREATLY IMPROVED MY PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES, BUT ALSO MENTALLY, I HAVE BECOME A MUCH BETTER ATHLETE AND PERSON OVERALL.” As a junior at Thayer Academy High School, Jack Thorbahn is a pitcher on the diamond and a quarterback on the gridiron for the Tigers. He came in for his first session more than four […]


Peak Performer: Will Fahey

“THERE’S NO SLOWING DOWN AS AN ATHLETE.” Will Fahey started playing sled hockey when he was eight years old and currently plays for the Boston Shamrocks in the Northeast Sled Hockey League, but he had trouble seeing himself continue to perform at higher levels of competition. “I didn’t know what I was getting myself into,” he said. “This is hard!” […]


Client Spotlight: Daniel Pareira

“I WAS OFTEN PRONE TO NAGGING MUSCLE INJURIES, BUT SINCE COMING TO TB12, MY BODY HAS NEVER FELT BETTER AND MORE READY TO COMPETE DAY IN AND DAY OUT.” As a senior at Norton High School, Daniel Pereira was an all-star, a team captain, and a state champion. His next season, he was a freshman […]


Master Your Morning Routine

Your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day, so it’s critical you start it off right. THINK AHEAD Your morning doesn’t start when the alarm clock goes off — it starts the night before. Allot some time before you lie down to set yourself up for success when you wake up. Write out […]


TB12 101: Strength and Conditioning Training

In recent years, extreme strength and conditioning programs (ECPs) have grown in popularity. From high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to cross-training, these programs find themselves on every “Top Fitness Trends” article, but often, where these specialty gyms and programs fall short is in their functionality. Extreme strength and conditioning programs are a great way to get in shape, increase […]


12 Books We Love

“READING IS TO THE MIND WHAT EXERCISE IS TO THE BODY.” – JOSEPH ADDISON Chances are you read a lot, but when was the last time you sat down and read a book? More and more, our reading habits trend toward texts, emails, and social media posts and away from books. Reading long-form text not […]


8 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp

There’s a lot you can do to engage your brain’s machinery in ways that help keep it healthy. Your brain’s plasticity — its ability to change not just functionally, but also physically and chemically — is most heavily engaged by activities that are intensive, repetitive, and progressively changing. Those that emphasize refining the speed and […]


Recipe: Almond Date Smoothie

Wake up with a smooth, sweet treat! This protein-packed and fiber-filled smoothie fuels you up with plenty of nutrients to get your day started right. Dates and almonds both help your body produce the hormone melatonin later in the evening, helping you sleep at night and may improve cognitive function throughout the day. Add in […]



“WHEN YOU’RE INJURED, YOU BECOME SOMEONE ELSE.” That is what Sandy Forsythe’s Body Coach told her when she arrived at TB12. At the time, she couldn’t bend her leg because of complications during three femur surgeries over the course of six months. Then, months of hobbling around and physical therapy appointments left Sandy feeling as […]


Overcoming the odds | TB12 Peak performer: Tom Brady

“YOU ARE GOING TO FACE A LOT OF ADVERSITY, AND YOU HAVE TO EMBRACE THOSE CHALLENGES, AND YOU HAVE TO OVERCOME THEM.” Tom Brady is no stranger to overcoming the odds. Growing up, Brady’s teammates were faster, stronger, and had superior natural physical abilities, so he decided to make up for talent with work ethic […]


TB12 101: Our Beliefs

Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply want to stay active, our approach at TB12 is centered around a holistic philosophy to health and wellness that uses resistance band workouts and nutrition plans to help you do what you love, longer. It isn’t just a training regime or diet — it is a balanced approach […]



We focus on creating a mind-body connection to keep our brain and body ready every day. To have a healthy body, you need a healthy mind. This is the key to achieving the balanced, holistic lifestyle that TB12 works toward. The brain can be pliable, just like a muscle. Keeping our brains active is as […]



We believe pliability is the core of TB12. It’s a vicious cycle: work out, compete hard, get injured, go to the doctor, get treatment, compete hard again, get injured again. Many view this cycle as inevitable — but what if we broke that cycle? We use our muscles all day, every day, so naturally, they […]


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