How to Recover Faster After Your Next Round of Golf

How to Recover Faster After Your Next Round of Golf

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Golf may not always feel like the most physically demanding sport, but a long day on the course takes a toll on both your body and mind – making your recovery between rounds crucial to keeping your scores as low as possible.

Amateur golfers especially tend to disregard this part of the game far too often, and it shows. Sure, it's easy to lose sight of the physical demands of golf when you're riding in a cart and ending your round with beer and hot dogs in the clubhouse, but you'll feel it in your performance. If you truly want to give your mind and body everything you need to improve your ability on the course, you need to make recovery part of your golf routine.

Here are 5 tips to help you recover following a round of golf so that you can keep going:

Focus on Hydration:

If your hydration wasn’t up to par on the course, or you consumed alcohol while you were playing, it will affect your body’s ability to recover. You can use your urine color as a biological indicator for how hydrated you are. Anything darker than a light-straw color is your body’s way of telling you to drink more water.

Practice Self-Pliability:

Using a vibrating pliability roller or sphere immediately following a round of golf will promote the recovery and relaxation of the muscles so that they stay pliable, prevent the onset of soreness, and avoid injury.

Replenish Your Electrolytes:

It is important during or after every round of golf to include electrolytes into your water, especially on hot days when you’re losing electrolytes through sweat. One small squirt of TB12’s electrolytes in your water in the morning and after golf will help you replenish what you’ve lost from sweat that day.

Refuel your Body The Right Way:

Whether you’re headed to the 19th hole or headed home, your muscles need a source of protein ideally within 30 minutes of finishing your round to help them recover. Try packing a TB12 single serve protein powder or bar in your golf bag for a quick solution after your round. The rest of the evening, follow TB12’s nutrition guide for our recommendations of the optimal diet.

Take time to Reflect:

Take 10-20 minutes later that day to reflect on your round. What did you do well? What did you have trouble with? Keeping a TB12 mindset is all about growth – assess your performance and look ahead at what you can improve going into your next round. If you can write your thoughts down, all the better to help keep you moving closer towards your goal!