Pre-Workout Pliability Changes The Game

Pre-Workout Pliability Changes The Game

Performance is a reflection of preparation. Establishing a pre-workout pliability focus—in the fashion of a habitual routine—is a discipline that will be translated and expressed into increased performance. Everything we do here at TB12 is centered around preparation.

We would never begin a workout without first doing pliability work. Coaches typically instruct their players to stretch before practice, but pliability can do much more for us.

Pre-Workout Pliability

Stretching mostly engages our ligaments, which creates loose tendons and flexible joints. This is good for some types of activity, but loose ligaments fail to stabilize our joints — which can lead to more injuries, like sprained ankles and dislocated shoulders. Pliability work, on the other hand, alerts our bodies that it’s time to start moving. It primes the muscles we’re about to use. Pliability before a workout shouldn’t just be a compliment to stretching — in most cases, it should completely replace it.

Our TB12 Vibrating Rollers and Vibrating Spheres send strong signals through our muscles that stimulate neural pathways. Neuromuscular reeducation is critical in forging the brain-body connection, and training our muscles to stay long, soft, and primed through muscle contraction. Pre-workout pliability work benefits us by better preparing us for our workout. It makes our muscles more resilient. It helps us stay safe and get the most out of our workouts — and our lives.


Prepare with pliability: Begin every workout with pliability.

Prime your muscles: Pliability primes the muscles you’re about to use.

Replace stretching: Proper pre-workout pliability work can take the place of stretching