Ryan Holiday on How We Can Improve Our Lives Through Stoicism

Ryan Holiday on How We Can Improve Our Lives Through Stoicism

We're joined on the Keep Going Podcast today by New York Times Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday!

Ryan’s books are a favorite of many of our TB12 team members and clients, and have quickly become a staple among everyone from NFL players and coaches to influential politicians and business executives.

You may know him from his most popular book, The Obstacle is the Way, or from his research into stoicism in books like The Daily Stoic or Stillness is the Key. The power of Ryan’s work is in the way he effortlessly brings the wisdom of ancient Greek and Roman philosophers into the 21st Century – packaging the principles that guided the stoics 2,300 years ago into books that can help all of us live more productive and fulfilling lives.

We’ve been eager to talk to Ryan since we launched the Keep Going Podcast, and this conversation did not disappoint! This episode is loaded with useful advice and insights, even for people who have read nearly all of Ryan’s books.

As Ryan says in our conversation, stoicism is a journey of continual improvement – a process we use day-by-day to get better as we pursue our goals. I think you’ll all find that this episode is a great place to start.

We hope you enjoy this conversation with Ryan Holiday. Let’s go!