The TB12 Method: For All Ages, Backgrounds, and Abilities

The TB12 Method: For All Ages, Backgrounds, and Abilities

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Tom Brady credits the TB12 Method — pliability, functional movement, adequate hydration, proper nutrition, and mental fitness — for his long-term athletic success.

Tom describes himself as being in “the best shape of [his] life” thanks to the principles he’s developed and followed in partnership with his Body CoachAlex Guerrero.

But, if this lifestyle works for an elite athlete like Tom, who’s to say it’ll work for an amateur athlete or weekend warrior? Or anyone else, for that matter?

The TB12 Method: For All Ages, Backgrounds, and Abilities

In truth, the TB12 lifestyle has helped people from nearly every walk of life: from young children to people who had been living with chronic pain.

The primary goal of a TB12 Body Coach is to help you do what you love better and for longer. Your goal doesn’t have to be winning the big game. It could be arriving at work every day feeling healthy, motivated, and ready for anything that’ll come your way.

We’ve seen how much the TB12 lifestyle can help people, whether they consider themselves athletes or not. The TB12 Foundation has been supporting the work of TB12 Body Coaches in the local community — to help police officers, construction workers, youth athletes, and others learn about how they can incorporate principles from the TB12 Method to help improve their overall health and achieve their goals.

What is the TB12 Foundation?

The TB12 Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Its mission is to help educate and inspire athletes to excel in both sports and life by providing access to innovative health and wellness resources that support preparation, performance, and recovery.

Recently, the TB12 Foundation helped to send Body Coaches to various groups interested in learning more about the principles of pliability and functional strength & conditioning. On a daily basis, the Body Coaches work with athletes and non-athletes alike, including those with physically demanding careers.

Suffolk Construction

A group of TB12 Body Coaches visited a Suffolk Construction team of about 40 people. First, the Body Coaches used TB12 Vibrating Pliability Rollers to show the construction workers just how much a pliability session can do. They walked them through a morning pliability session, explaining the benefit of each movement.

Construction work is hard on the body, and pliability can help make muscles resilient, allowing the workers to avoid injury and bring their A-game to work every day. Pliability and workouts go hand in hand, so our Body Coaches then showed the Suffolk Construction team simple exercises they can do at home to help activate the muscles they use on the job.

Boston Police Department

After visiting Suffolk Construction, the team then spent the afternoon working with the Boston Police Department’s Gang Unit. They introduced the officers to the benefits of pliability through one-on-one deep-force muscle pliability work. This is the same treatment our clients (and athletes helped by the TB12 Foundation) receive at the TB12 Performance & Recovery Centers in Boston and Foxboro.

The Body Coaches also walked them through sessions using functional pliability products, the TB12 Vibrating Pliability Sphere and Roller. Pliability, as well as other pillars of the TB12 lifestyle, can help police officers get and stay in top physical and mental condition, helping them to be safe and on top of their game in serving others in a dangerous line of work.


The TB12 Foundation’s day in the community concluded at Excel High School in South Boston, where our Body Coaches attended a South Boston Knights football team practice to help the student-athletes with functional strength & conditioning.

The Body Coaches talked about training at the speed of sport and demonstrated it by leading the team through position-specific drills using TB12 resistance bands. Before the students went home for the day, our Body Coaches taught them exercises they can do off the field to stay healthy and get better at the sport they love.

These aren’t the only young athletes that the TB12 Foundation has assisted. The TB12 Foundation is proud to support the Lawrence Sports Leadership Academy (LSLA), a sports leadership camp for teens ages 12-18 in Lawrence, MA.

In August, a team of TB12 Body Coaches visited the LSLA to work with the campers. The Body Coaches took them through sessions focused on functional strength & conditioning, cognitive health, pliability, and active warm-ups. They also led some group exercise classes and gave educational talks on proper nutrition and hydration.

TB12 Isn’t Just For Athletes

What we’ve seen from the TB12 Foundation’s efforts is that the TB12 lifestyle isn’t just for elite athletes — it can benefit anyone. It makes sense that student-athletes benefit from pliability, but police officers and construction workers are only two examples of how TB12 can help people in other aspects of life.

Many career fields are physically demanding, and some of us work hard in other areas of life, such as keeping up with our kids or going to night school after a long day in the office. Whether we’re weekend warriors, working a physically demanding job, or just trying to live our best life, TB12 can help. When we’re feeling our best, we’re living well.