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Resistance Bands & Kits

Getting into shape doesn’t require you to spend tons on monthly gym memberships, and you don’t need to have access to top-of-the-line equipment. All you need is a little space in your living room or home gym and some resistance bands to get the job done.

Resistance band exercises are one of the best ways to grow muscles and enhance your training time, whether you are a beginner or a pro. Resistance bands are often used in physical therapy, but they’re also a staple of at-home workouts.

Dumbbells and kettlebells require you to work against the force of gravity in order to feel their effects. But resistance bands keep your muscles under constant tension at every range of motion throughout the movement.

Versatility and Durability

Time under tension is one of the most important aspects of resistance training and strength training, and bands allow you to use different resistance levels for a full-body workout right from home. In addition, resistance band workouts can engage multiple muscle groups at once.

For example, you can use them to do lower-body exercises like squats or deadlifts. With a high enough level of resistance, these exercises work your glutes, back, and several smaller muscle groups at once.

Likewise, you can use resistance bands for upper body moves like bicep curls and assisted pull-ups. This piece of fitness equipment can be just as versatile as an expensive gym membership, whether you want to build muscle, increase your strength, or work out without the need for large pieces of gym equipment.

Building strength is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle and workout routine. Not only does it protect your joints from injury, but it can contribute to better balance, reducing falls and accidents. This means less opportunity for falls, fractures, broken bones, and anything in between.

Resistance band sets aren’t just for growing muscle, though — you can also use them for recovery to help with pliability before or after your training session. Performing reps with the bands helps pre and post-workout to make sure that your performance is always in top shape.

TB12 Bands for Your Fitness Goals

Get standalone bands to help pinpoint specific muscle groups or target exercises, or get a full-body training kit to start seeing results without ever needing to leave your own home. No drills, no holes, no construction — just a simple door anchor.

Hundreds of moves and endless bodyweight workouts await with a full-body kit outfitted with carabiners, short and long-looped bands, plus handle bands for every exercise you can imagine. With multiple types of resistance bands to choose from, you can count on a comprehensive workout.

Stretch bands have an added benefit over free weights because they support balanced, total body training with less inflammation and less chance of overloading your muscles. This means less chance of injury so you can keep yourself in top shape to function at your best no matter what challenges come your way.

Plus, if you need to progress your training regimen, there are ways to make your bands more difficult to use without needing to get all new equipment. Just stand further away from anchor points or take a wider stance on the band to increase the resistance and make them more challenging to use.

From single bands in short, long, heavy, light, and extra heavy variations, there are options here for everyone. You can use these durable rubber bands for a warmup to your gym workouts or make them the centerpiece of your home gym. And if you don’t know where to start, a pliability kit or full-body band kit has a little bit of everything you need to succeed, including the best resistance bands out there.