TB12 Omega
TB12 Omega

TB12 Omega

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Essential fatty acids are just that - essential. From heart health to brain health to muscle recovery, TB12 Omega is an ultra pure omega-3 fish oil that supports all three with the essential fats you need to function at your best.*

  • Supports heart, brain, and joint health*
  • Rich in EPA & DHA
  • Optimal form for absorption.


Omega-3s are a key component of a healthy diet. Considered a “good fat,” Omega-3s support our body’s inflammatory response, brain function, heart health, and muscle recovery. Sustainably sourced, ultra-pure, free of heavy metals, and with a high concentration of EPA (500 mg) & DHA (250 mg), the TB12 Omega supplement helps maintain vital bodily functions whether you’re training for your next event or simply aiming to living a healthy life.

Man working out with a resistance band on the stairs

How to take

For the health-conscious, Omega-3s can support neurological, vision, cardiovascular, and joint health. For athletes, research shows they can support lean muscle growth, exercise recovery, and a healthy inflammatory response.*

To maximize the benefits & keep your omega levels on track, take one TB12 Omega soft-gel every day, ideally with food.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Luis Alvarez

It's work very well

Robert Lorz

Taste Great

Great Omega

As someone who struggles with nutrition this is a great omega. Small, once a day, no fish smell or burp, it's very manageable. Could not be happier.

E Ortega
Excellent Omega

This is a great Omega pill with no fish taste. It is a larger pill but better than taking multiple pills. I have been taking this with the multivitamin and have noticed the improved change. Went a few weeks without taking any vitamins and could feel the difference without taking the vitamins.

kevin burke
Best Omega on the market

Love this product no fish taste fast acting