5 Reasons Looped Bands Will Improve Your Routine

5 Reasons Looped Bands Will Improve Your Routine

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IF YOU'VE SPENT any time in the gym (and we know you have!), we’re willing to bet you have some experience with resistance bands. Maybe one of your trainers used them, or maybe you took a class that incorporated them. We’re here to tell you that using them even more than you already do would be hugely beneficial — and TB12 Full Body Band Kit has everything you need to get started right away.

Here’s Why:

Options for every kind of exercise: The TB12 Full Body Band Kit includes short and long looped bands that range from 7 to 52 pounds. Whatever muscle group you’re looking to focus on, there’s something that will work for your routine.

Make your workout more efficient: TB12 loves resistance bands for their ability to support full-body exercises combining both cardio and strength training. This makes working out on a tight schedule easy. When you only have an hour for your workout, you don’t have to sacrifice strength training for cardio, or vice versa — a program that incorporates resistance bands can help you accomplish both goals.

High quality: If you’re going to make an investment in your workout gear, quality matters. TB12 resistance bands are made from layers of rubber that have been pressed together, which last longer than other versions that are cut and glued together. This kind of quality makes a big difference for safety and equipment longevity.

More than just bands: The kit comes with a high-quality, portable door anchor so that you can turn nearly any room into a gym. It also comes with strong carabiners that are specifically designed for at-home use. Instead of kicking yourself for missing the gym, you can rest easy knowing that you have access to a great workout at home.

Workouts are better together: The kit comes with velcro bands that will assist in a partner workout, or help you combine bands to enable different exercises. The kit ensures a custom workout every time. Not only do we have great resistance band kits that will help you during your workout, we also have comprehensive workout programs in the “My Plan” section of the TB12 Method mobile app. My Plan will help you customize your workouts so you can incorporate resistance bands into your personal routine in a hyper-effective way.