TB12 101: Running

TB12 101: Running

When done properly, non-running workouts are a key component of any runner's regular training regimen. These workouts play a crucial role in reducing injuries, accelerating recovery times, and most importantly, running faster.

This movement toward balance in our workouts is exactly what TB12 stands for — having a holistic, balanced approach to improving your mind and body. We understand that incorporating new workouts into your routine can seem daunting.

In some running circles, strength training is a contentious subject. While some runners believe that strength training is extremely important, others claim that it makes you slow and bulky.

But we aren’t recommending that runners follow conventional strength training methods — we use no-load strength training with resistance bands.


Resistance bands are one of the best tools that you, as a runner, can use to build strength without the risk of becoming slow and bulky or needing to go to a gym. Bands provide you with a low-stress way to strength train while targeting the major muscles you use when running: your core, glutes, and legs.


Pre-run pliability work with a device like the TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller or Sphere is another way to improve your routine. You might stretch before your runs or already have long, flexible muscles, but they may not be softened and ready to absorb the impact that running has on your body. This leaves you more susceptible to injury and pliability work changes that.


You can also shave seconds, even minutes off your time just by staying properly hydrated. A recent study showed that when runners replenished 150 percent of their sweat loss between training sessions, their 10K times were one minute faster on average than running at 75 percent hydration.

In addition to staying hydrated, slight adjustments to your diet can help you stay energized and avoid hitting the workout wall. By cutting out heavy foods like bread, pasta, and foods that could cause inflammation and substitute them with a high-protein, plant-based diet, you'll stay light on your feet and on the road longer.

Just by starting to implement some of these training tips, you can bring balance to your training and improve how you feel while running, so you can get to the starting line healthy and cross the finish line faster.