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Vibrating Rollers & Spheres

Having strong muscles that let you run fast, perform body-weight movements like push-ups, lift heavy, or throw things far are important for your athletic performance. But as any personal trainer will tell you, your muscle pliability might be even more important when it comes to maximizing your output.

When you’re faced with muscle tension and muscle soreness, those issues can decrease pliability and overall performance.

Perfect for Pliability

Pliability is the most critical component of the TB12 Method, and it’s all about allowing your muscles to be resilient and move without restriction. Pliable muscles let you perform and train your best while also reducing the risk of getting injured and increasing your rate of muscle recovery.

Even introductory pliability exercises can wake up your muscles and central nervous system, letting you shunt blood flow to target muscles before or after a workout.

Doing these post-workout wellness exercises can also boost your range of motion by letting you freely move your joints without pain or restriction. Not to mention, pliable muscles are less sore and recover more quickly after a workout to let you get back into the action quickly without getting injured and ending up in the physical therapist’s office.

Sore muscles need to be physically worked to find relief, whether through manual therapy, stretches, or foam rolling. Deep connective tissue manipulation is one of the most critical elements of the TB12 Method. Deep tissue manipulation is a form of self-myofascial release that reduces stiffness in the fascia to relax tight muscles.

This versatile form of self-massage is a staple in physical therapy and pliability practices. It can be achieved with a variety of tools, including massage sticks, vibrating rollers, or similar tools with textured surfaces. Our vibrating rollers and spheres are made from extra-firm foam and feature small knobs and ridges designed to trigger self-myofascial release.

One of the best ways to perform self-myofascial release is with a TB12 pliability device like the pliability foam roller, vibrating pliability sphere, or our mini sphere. Made of firm foam, these smooth rollers are the perfect first step toward full-body muscle activation to accelerate recovery and relief from muscle adhesions (knots).

Using these massage rollers in combination with a proper stretch is a great way to warm up and cool down before or after your training sessions and get past that upper back or glute pain. These tools can also help you zero in on smaller areas, such as your IT bands on deltoids.

Rollers of All Shapes and Sizes

Large high-density foam rollers are great for bigger muscle groups, like the hamstrings and quads. On the other hand, the small sphere foam roller is great for tiny tissues that are hard to reach with foam rolling alone, like the biceps or chest. You can use this smaller roller while lying on a medium-density smooth surface like a yoga mat.

Plus, if you need travel-sized relief on a trip to New York or LA, the mini sphere is the perfect companion no matter where you go. Either way, relief has never been so close.

And our textured rollers have the ability to get deep into your muscle tissue to dull out the most severe aches and pains. When you pair that with its vibrating capabilities, it’ll be easy to feel like you’re getting a professional deep tissue massage right in your own home when you use one of these vibrating foam rollers post-workout.

Having more pliable muscles can benefit the other pillars of the TB12 Method, too. With loose muscles that can move freely, you’ll find that functional movement is even more simple. It’s all connected – just like your muscles. So you want to make sure you treat them with care.

Get a bundle of both our firm-density pliability sphere and the best foam roller in the game to make sure no muscle group goes without the care and attention it needs to function at its top capacity.