6 Survival Tips for Stress Free Summer Travel

6 Survival Tips for Stress Free Summer Travel

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Travel can be stressful. And that stress that make it challenging to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Summer holiday travel can be, especially difficult given the food offerings that you'll likely encounter at every turn. Now that travel is back in (nearly) full swing, it’s more important than ever to be prepared and have the right mindset to travel pain-free and stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

Don’t Let Flight Delays Get You Down

According to data from the Bureau of Flight Statistics, 19% of the 251,000 flights around the 2018 Thanksgiving holiday were delayed and 1% canceled. Similar percentages were recorded around the winter holidays. If your flight gets delayed, don’t let bumps in your vacation travel get you down. Have those books you’ve been wanting to read at the ready, or games for your kids that will turn airport time into quality family time. Better yet, find some space at the gate and sneak in a workout in with a TB12 On-the-Go Gym Kit

Also, pack healthy foods, protein, and snacks so you aren’t at the mercy of what’s available at the airport.

Avoid the Red-Eye

“The greatest benefit of sleep is that it’s uninterrupted therapy and natural regeneration,” Tom Brady says. “Sleep is an opportunity to relax every part of your body, and is critical for all of us to recover for the next day’s activities. If we don’t get the right amount of it, our mental and physical acuity is lowered.”

With this in mind, don’t disregard your regular sleep schedule and fly red-eye to save $50. Leave a day early or stay a day late if necessary.

It also makes sense to take advantage of a holiday vacation and catch up on sleep if you can. According to sleep expert Dr. Kirk Parsley, MD, a former Navy SEAL who pioneered the first Sports Medicine Rehabilitation program for the SEALs, the relationship between sleep, health, and performance can not be overstated.

“Sleeping well optimizes your ability to control your metabolism throughout the day,” Dr. Parsley says. “If you want to be an elite performer, you have to make high-quality sleep the highest priority your situation will allow. Both for the performance you want to have today and your overall health in the future.”

If you need some help getting sleep on vacation, check out TB12 Sleep supplements.

Stay Hydrated

The relative humidity in the climate-controlled cabin is around 10-20%. Considering the average humidity of the Sahara Desert is 25%, you might want to think twice about opting for a cocktail to kick off your trip.

If you're crossing time zones and are worried about jet lag, be sure to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. Then, keep a steady level of hydration throughout the day. This will help shake off that groggy morning feeling and wake up your brain and body. Add electrolytes to boost absorption.

Prioritize Protein

Travel, especially holiday travel, can knock you off good nutrition habits because of the food you have access to. Healthy options at airports and hotels can be limited, and big holidays often include parties and festive dinners.

In an ideal world, you should aim to eat as many seasonal, plant-based organic foods as you can. But when you’re in a situation where that's not possible, make balance and moderation the goal.

“Halfway measures are better than no measures at all,” Tom says.

To keep your nutrition in check when traveling, be sure to prioritize your intake of healthy protein. Making sure you’re eating enough protein to help you feel satiated and keep your appetite in check. Be prepared by keeping single-servings of protein with you that you can mix with water.


If your travel includes stays in hotels, be picky about your room. Avoid rooms near the elevator, vending or ice machines, or the lobby. All these areas tend to be much noisier and will affect your peace and quiet.

Consider packing earplugs and a sleep mask to ensure that you get the eight hours of quality sleep you should be aiming for, even if your sleeping environment isn’t perfect.

Exercise in the Morning

When you’re on the road and off your normal routine, you can set the tone for the day by exercising in the morning. Unpack a TB12 Vibrating Sphere and On-the-Go Gym Kit and turn any corner of any room into your own personal training center.

If you’re with the family, you can plan a fitness-related activity to start the day off with. Either way, by getting a healthy start, you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the day and feel good about your habits on the go.