Build a Healthy Morning Routine in Just 12 Minutes

Build a Healthy Morning Routine in Just 12 Minutes

Adding this simple 12 minute routine to your morning will help you start each day on the right foot and set you up with consistent healthy daily habits.
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It only takes a few days to build simple, daily habits that will give back big benefits. If you are looking to crank up your energy, boost your productivity, and enhance your mindset each day, add these 12 minutes of TB12 to your morning routine focused around five healthy habits.

One minute: Hydrate

The first of your daily habits you should do every morning when you wake up is drink a glass of water — even better if you add in electrolytes. You spent 8 hours asleep — you’re probably dehydrated!

When you’re dehydrated your metabolism slows down, and your brain has less fuel to function. So it’s important to give your body and your brain what it needs to start your day off right.

Studies also show a connection between hydration and sleep — if you are dehydrated it will negatively impact your sleep, and bad quality sleep can adversely affect your hydration — so start your day off right and keep hydrating throughout your day.

Three minutes: Meditate

Mornings can be hectic — most of us don’t have time to spend an hour in meditation. That doesn’t mean we can’t reap some of the benefits of meditation.

Make it one of your daily habits to take a few minutes to sit quietly, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. This will help you reduce stress, lengthen your attention span, and start your day with a clear, calm mind.

Three minutes: Roll Out

When we sleep, our muscles are inactive for a long period. This decreases our blood flow and supplies less oxygen to our muscle tissues, leaving us more susceptible to injury.

Rolling out with a foam roller or ball for a few minutes in the morning will help wake up your muscles, increasing the blood flow and oxygen to your muscles — keeping them ready for whatever your day throws your way.

Three minutes: Start with a smoothie

To get all the nutrients you need to fuel your body throughout your day, you want to keep two things in mind — plants and protein.

Make yourself a smoothie filled with some healthy greens, like spinach and avocado, and add in a scoop of TB12 Protein to help you power through your morning. A healthy smoothie is a perfect breakfast for those who need to fuel their body while on-the-go.

Check out the rest of the TB12 blog for a library of recipes including smoothies, baked treats, and more.

Two minutes: Get Moving

The Double Leg Glute Bridge is the perfect resistance band exercise to improve functional core strength before starting your day. If you only have time to focus on one area of your body, it should be your core and glutes. Your core provides stability to your entire body. Without a strong core and glutes, your lower back and legs will absorb more strain than they should.

As you make these quick morning habits part of a regular morning routine, you’ll quickly begin to see the health benefits, physically and mentally.