Essential Pre-Run Warm-Up Tips

Essential Pre-Run Warm-Up Tips

Warming up properly activates your muscles, preventing injury and priming your body for better form. Check out these essential pre-run warm-up tips.

Whether you’re training for the Boston Marathon or going for a jog around the block, it's crucial to do these running warm-ups before you lace up your sneakers. Why? Warming up properly activates your muscles, preventing injury and priming your body for better form.

Before hitting the road or the trails, make sure to hydrate with some TB12 Electrolytes and take our new TB12 Pre-Workout to help delay fatigue and support endurance.

Here are just a few ways to warm up before you start running.

Hydrate with Electrolytes

When you sweat, your body loses water and electrolytes. Dehydration and hyponatremia (low sodium) can be dangerous and debilitating for runners.

To avoid these conditions prime your body for an effective run, it’s important to maintain a hydration baseline before, during, and after your run.

The most effective way to stay hydrated and fuel your body for a run is drinking water with electrolytes. An electrolyte supplement helps you replenish key minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and chloride, in addition to the sodium your body loses with sweat.

It can be as simple as adding a stick pack of TB12 Electrolytes to your water before your run!

Roll Out to Get Pliable

Building pliability by rolling out helps loosen your muscles and joints before you start moving. The key here is to target the areas that you’ll use the most on your run. Naturally, your focus areas here should be along your legs, specifically your calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quads.

It can feel easy to skip this step and just head out the door. But, skipping a pre-run rollout stages you for injury and damaged muscles. Taking a few minutes to roll out can save you plenty of damage control in the future. Checkout our YouTube Channel for examples of some great pliability exercises.

Activate Your Glutes and Core

Once your muscles are pliable, get them warmed up and ready to run. Here, focus on activating your glutes and core. Doing so helps take the load off of areas like your hips, knees, and low back. Remember, form is key while performing these exercises.

Glute Bridges
  1. Lie face up on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground.
  2. Lift your hips up off the ground until your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line.
  3. Place your hips back down and repeat.
Front Plank
  1. Lie stomach-down with your elbows at your sides, under your shoulders.
  2. Lift your core and shoulders off the ground, keeping your elbows flat and legs straight. Hold.
  3. Gently lower your core and repeat.
Glute Med (Gluteus Medius) Side Plank
  1. Start on your side, with one arm and leg on the ground supporting you.
  2. Raise your hips until your body forms a straight line. Hold.
  3. Gently lower your hips and repeat.
Lateral Band Walks
  1. Loop a resistance band just above your ankles on both legs.
  2. Position your feet shoulder-width apart in a half-squat position, firming the band.
  3. Step side-to-side, one foot at a time, stretching and tightening the band as you go. Repeat.

Run, Then Cool It Down

You’re ready to hit the road (or track, or mountain path). Enjoy your run! Once you get back, don't forget to roll out the areas you worked with a foam roller to prevent soreness and improve muscle pliability.