3 Workouts for Your Beach Day

3 Workouts for Your Beach Day

The beach is nature’s gym. Think about it: Plenty of space, fresh air, and plenty of tools on hand that can rival equipment in a pinch. 

Whether you’re headed for a single beach day, or you’re spending a week in the sand and surf, these beach workouts can keep your wellness goals on track, even on your days off. 

Ocean Resistance Run

Channel your inner Hasselhoff and go for a run through the water. Wade in to around your waist, and start running. Then, for an extra challenge, try to run backwards into the wake that you created. 

Water provides an additional layer of resistance, somewhat similar to a resistance band. This not only builds up your muscles, but limits inflammation in your legs and gives your stride a more fluid range of motion. 

Headed to a lake without any waves? No sweat — grab a TB12 Resistance Band for a similar workout.

Bucket Deadlifts

Sand deadlifts are a quick, easy way to get in a strength workout on the go. There are three easy steps:

  1. Acquire sand. 
  2. Put it into a bucket.
  3. Lift, put down, then lift again. 

Depending on the bucket size, be careful that the amount of sand doesn’t put too much strain on your back. A smaller, child-size bucket is perfect for a kettlebell-style deadlift, while a bigger construction-style bucket trains your forearms and back.

Sandy Sprints

The sand, like the ocean, provides an extra layer of resistance as you run. Because the sand’s surface constantly shifts, it hones small stabilizer muscles in your legs, improving your balance and reducing the risk of injury.

Make sure you have plenty of open space before trying to do a sprint. Draw a line in the sand, then draw another about 15 yards away (You can eyeball this. We assume you aren’t carrying a tape measure with you on vacation). 

Then, try this sand sprint workout from XPT Life:

  1.     Lunge walk from line one to line two
  2.     Perform 10 close-grip pushups
  3.     Sprint back
  4.     Repeat 3-4 times

The Bottom Line

The beach is a perfect chance to get a full-body workout in, with the benefit of extra resistance training. If you’re working out in the hot sun, just be sure to hydrate constantly and eat right to keep your energy up all day long.