How Can Pliability Break the Cycle of Chronic Injury?

How Can Pliability Break the Cycle of Chronic Injury?

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Chronic Injury.

Think about what it really means to be an athlete. Reflect on what you go through, or what you see pro players go through.

There’s a pattern: work out, compete hard, get injured, go to the doctor. Have surgery or do physical therapy, compete hard again, get injured again. It’s the athlete’s cycle of injury and rehab — lots of us consider it inevitable.

Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Injury

What if we broke the chronic injury cycle? Pliability revolutionizes an athlete’s journey, and can benefit everyone. It primes your muscles to absorb and disperse forces — in both sport and daily life — so you can achieve more and avoid injury.

Pliability work turns short, dense muscles into long, soft, and resilient muscles. It gets your body to 100 percent muscle pump function, and keeps it there over time — which is a huge part of achieving sustained peak performance. We create pliability through deep-force muscle work.

During the muscle work, it's important to put the body through motion by rhythmically contracting and relaxing the muscle being worked on — If you're using your hands instead of an assisted device, be sure to apply the right amount of Pliability Lotion before starting this motion. This is what really enables that positive trauma that makes a lasting change in the muscle.

All of this together results in a lengthened and softened muscle that's very functional. A friend or family member can help you with partner pliability, and you can use an assisted device on your own like our TB12 Vibrating Roller or Vibrating Sphere.

Our assisted devices deliver much more than a regular foam roller or lacrosse ball can. They vibrate to activate your nervous system and help your body learn through positive trauma. This is called neuromuscular reeducation, and is a critical component of making lasting progress with pliability work.

Because we use our muscles every day, over time they lose muscle pump function. This is a natural occurrence, whether you spend all day sitting or running. You can combat this and preserve your muscle’s health — and even improve it — with daily pliability work.

You’ll find that as you work on your muscle pliability, you’ll be better equipped for both sports and everyday activities. Pliable muscles are long, soft, and durable — and they’re built for life.