Why Use Resistance Bands?

Why Use Resistance Bands?

AT TB12, we want our workouts to be equally effective and accessible — and that starts with simple, reliable gear. There’s no need to buy a whole set of weights when you can turn any room into a private gym for a lot less than most gym memberships.


For TB12 workouts, 90% of our exercises incorporate resistance bands, simply because they effectively mirror the body’s normal, everyday functional movements. With bands, putting form first and training at the speed of sport is better than ever. Our exercises are designed with these principles in mind. At the TB12 Sports Therapy Center in Foxboro, our Body Coaches and clients use our own strong resistance bands. We have two different kinds, looped bands and handle bands, which both come in four levels of resistance: light (gray), medium (red), heavy (blue), and extra heavy (black). Our bands are made of layers of rubber seamlessly pressed together to make a continuous loop. This makes them ultra durable and designed to last a lifetime. They won’t wear out or snap, even after enduring years of tough training. Don’t be afraid to give them your all — they allow for a long, fluid range of motion, creating strong and fast-moving muscles. The bands you use depend on your strength, level of skill, and experience. We put form first, so we encourage you to use a band that challenges you, but doesn’t compromise proper form. If you’re unable to do the exercise correctly due to the resistance, then stop the exercise and switch to a lighter band.

Resistance bands let you train at the speed of sport, so you won’t be training slow and playing fast — you’ll be preparing yourself for life. Keep in mind that more resistance isn’t always better, and varying the resistance level you’re using can help ensure you excel at anything life throws at you.

The looped bands can go around your knees, ankles, waist, and more, and let you put a new twist on the same motions you would do with bars and free weights. The handle bands have comfortable grips, and are primarily used with exercises that involve the upper body — but they can serve a variety of purposes. We offer some resistance band kits that give you some other handy supplies like a door anchor, carabiners, and a bag. Choose the kit that’s right for your training plan and your skill level, or mix and match by getting individual looped bands. With all these options, you’ll have no problem working out your entire body and adding variety to your training plan. Resistance bands push you that much closer to sustained peak performance. Check out our resistance bands and other workout gear!


Bands Over Weights: Resistance bands improve your functional movement, unlike heavy weights.

Right Resistance: Pick the resistance level that matches your skillset, and grow with the bands.

Mimic Motion: Resistance bands let you train by mimicking what you do for your sport and daily life