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The clothes you wear to the gym can either set you up for success or failure before you even start doing your first set. And when it comes to high-quality outerwear and activewear for your next training session, TB12 knows exactly what you’re looking for.

Appropriate clothing for exercise can help you stay cool and comfortable while working towards your next fitness goal. The right clothing can help you hit your full range of motion throughout your movements, and do so comfortably.

From T-shirts to sweatshirts, our branded tops are the best way to start a game day or rest day. Made with soft, tri-blend materials and made with the athlete in mind, these tops are timeless additions to your wardrobe that will never go out of style.

Show off your TB12 pride with hoodies and crewneck pullovers embroidered with the TB12 logo, so people will always know that you put yourself first. Or, inspire those around you with colorful tops decked out with the “Keep Going” slogan, giving yourself a silent pep talk every time you look in the mirror in between sets at the gym.

For more upscale occasions like a Sunday brunch or an afternoon round of golf, TB12 short sleeve polo shirts can elevate your style with anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking materials for all-day comfort no matter how hard you’re exerting yourself. Pair them with khakis, jogger pants, or chinos, depending on your desired look.

You can even double up on your TB12 love by layering your T-shirt with a half-zip jacket or puffer jacket. This can help you stay warm if you’re training in cold weather while still showing your loyalty to the TB12 mindset.

Want something a bit more unique? Hoodies and T-shirts inspired by fan art celebrate Tom Brady’s career and the impact that he has had on the football landscape. Show your pride and get the limited edition Sketch tops as a nod to the legacy the TB12 Method has built for the athletic community.

New arrivals are always getting added to our list of trending best sellers, so you’ll never run out of high-quality tops to choose from. Pair these with sweatpants, beanies, and accessories of your choice to make for a matching fit that gives you an extra confidence boost to perform at your best, no matter what.

There’s something here for everyone, which makes these tops perfect additions to your own wardrobe or amazing gifts for family and friends. The only way you can go wrong with any of these tops is by not performing at your highest capacity when you have them on.

Browse our full collection of styles, colors, and variations to craft a style or look that suits you.