Our Mission Is To Empower Anyone To Live Pain-Free & Perform Their Best.

A lifetime of wins & losses; research & experimentation; relentless determination to never settle; and results that are impossible to deny.

Caught In A Never-Ending Cycle

Tom was stuck in a broken system of injury & rehab that plagued young athletes. by his fourth season in the NFL, that vicious cycle threatened to end his career. However, it wasn't time for Tom to hang up his cleats just yet.

Searching For A Better Way

In 2004, Tom met Alex Guerrero, now one of his dearest friends, Body Coach, and Co-Founder of TB12. Alex provided a fresh perspective on how to break that destructive cycle of pain & injury. Addressing Tom’s shoulder injury, they developed the foundation of what they would later call “muscle pliability.”

Pliability Was The Missing Link

The understanding that resilient muscles, moving without restriction, enables sustained performance became the founding principle of the TB12 Method. Alex’s deep force tissue work, central to muscle pliability, allowed Tom to define a new standard of performance & longevity.

Building A Holistic & Personalized Approach

With pliability as the cornerstone, Tom & Alex developed a game-changing system of wellness principles — a system designed to empower health-minded individuals to live pain-free & perform their best.

There's A Method To This Madness.

The Results Are Hard To Deny.

But TB12 isn’t just for Tom. The TB12 Method transforms lives. So to anyone with their eyes on a prize, & a relentless determination to never settle ... we say TB12 is for you.

The TB12 Method

Is a serious of healthy daily habits across five pillars, facilitating muscle recovery, injury prevention, and improved performance for anyone with an active lifestyle.


Is the pliability, a state in which your muscles are resilient and able to move without restriction. Pliable muscles - achieved through hands-on body work & pliability movements - are better at absorbing force, allowing the body to withstand the impact of sport & daily life


To nutrition with a mostly plant-based diet, because what you put in your body determines what you get out of it. Focusing on nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods helps accelerate muscle recovery.


Supplemented by electrolytes to maximize absorption, is critical to muscle function & recovery. Establishing a hydration baseline - drinking half your body weight in fluid ounces of water each day - is the easiest way to get started.


Rather than simply training for maximum strength and speed. Training functionally means mimicking the movement and pace of your sport or daily activities, so you can perform without pain.

Mental Fitness

Keeping it fit - by prioritizing cognitive health & recovery - optimizes your ability to focus, learn, plan, remember, and adapt. Pairing that with a positive mindset is the key to overcoming the challenges of an active lifestyle.

Ready To Dive Deeper?

We believe that you can take control of your health by committing to positive daily habits with balance & moderation. If you’re ready to take the first step, check out our TB12 Explained Guide, where we break down the basics in detail so you can get started quickly & easily.