TB12 Electrolytes Variety Pack (4ct)
TB12 Electrolytes Variety Pack (4ct)

TB12 Electrolytes Variety Pack (4ct)

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Don’t let thirst or dehydration be a drag on your active lifestyle. With TB12 Electrolytes, recovery never tasted so good. They're fast, easy, versatile, and boasting with essential minerals to help you stay active and hydrated. Because your water should perform as well as you do.

  • Fast Hydration*
  • Sugar & Calorie-Free
  • Easy-to-Mix Liquid Concentrate

      How They Work

      Electrolytes support everything from muscle function to regulating fluid balance to immune function & cell growth.*

      While most sports drinks are loaded with sugar, our Electrolytes are loaded with 72 essential minerals like sodium, magnesium, and potassium that your body loses through sweat.

      It's no-brainer hydration.

      *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 121 reviews
      Terry Lundgren
      Staying hydrated

      TB12 electrolytes improve the taste and improve muscle suppleness and makes it easy for me to drink more water everyday! Excellent product!

      Jack Mebus
      Variety pack review

      I love the way the electrolytes work and make me feel. That being said I will not order the variety pack again because I do not like all of the flavors. The unflavored is especially terrible and throws off the taste of water making it hard for me to get down. I really love the peach mango flavor.

      Laura Hendrick
      Love the variety of flavor

      Love the variety of flavor Adding the electrolytes to water make me want to drink water more which is beneficial obviously great flavor feel hydrated all the time

      Opi Okapi
      My only Electrolyte I use

      These electrolytes completely serve the purpose they are meant to and beyond. I feel healthy & energized when I drink this. After even one. Then after the second, even better. Then I'm fine and ready to think clearly and perform physically. My safe haven these electrolytes are. They give me peace because I know as soon as I add them to my water, I'll be fine and taken care of. All the live long day. Thank you so much for enriching my hydration and life. 🎩👑💎

      Jess Peters
      Great product

      I tried the variety pack to sample them all. They are all great but I LOVE the unflavoured! I do wish there was free shipping to Canada :)