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VitalFit™ x TB12™ Protect

/ $45

Tough workouts, long days, and too much stress can leave you — and your immune system — burnt out. Research shows that everyday stress can limit the production of white blood cells while high-intensity training can reduce levels of key antibodies — leaving your body susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and outside threats. From supporting natural killer cells to replenishing antibodies post-exercise, Protect helps activate your immune system and counter stress-induced immune suppression so you can stay active, resilient, and ready for whatever comes your way.


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Your focus on recovery should go beyond your muscles. Whether you’re finishing up a tough workout or having a stressful week, recovery extends to an essential bodily function – your immune system. We designed Protect to do just that – help your immune system recover from the effects of stress, optimize its response, and keep you feeling your best.


Protect is formulated with five clinically studied, innovative ingredients. Vitamin C and Zinc work together to manage inflammation and repair damaged tissue while Elderberry’s antioxidant and anti-viral properties strengthen your immune cells. Beta Glucan and Larch Tree Extract support your innate and adaptive immune response by increasing circulating levels of white blood cells, replenishing antibodies post-workout (up to 47%), and helping immune cells coordinate an efficient, appropriate response to outside threats.


Protect is simple: two capsules in the morning, ideally with food. For athletes, Protect works fast to replenish essential antibodies that are often depleted after strenuous exercise (like HIIT workouts or long runs). For everyone, Protect helps regulate a healthy immune response and boost levels of circulating white blood cells that are impacted in times of high stress.

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