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How the TB12 Foundation Gives Back

  • 4 min read
  • February 2021
  • By TB12 Team

The TB12 Foundation originated in 2015 and has been consistently working to provide health and wellness resources to underserved and at-risk athletes who would not otherwise be able to access them. The TB12 Foundation works with a wide range of clients, including high-potential athletes, tactical athletes, and people of all ages who have an illness, a limiting physical condition, or chronic illness. Since its inception, the TB12 Foundation has donated over $1.5 million in TB12 services – over 8,500 individual treatment sessions – to sponsored athletes within the Foundation, in addition to numerous other donations, initiatives, and volunteer opportunities within our local communities.

2020 has been an increasingly challenging year for just about everyone, and TB12 and the TB12 Foundation were no exception. The COVID-19 pandemic provided the TB12 Foundation with an opportunity to take a step back and look more holistically at the impact we wanted to make within our community. It gave us an opportunity to become better positioned to help those in need than ever before.

We began by focusing on the governance of the Foundation, and honed in our mission of helping at-risk and underserved athletes – in whatever form they may take. We were able to more clearly determine the areas of need that we want to focus on moving forward, and it became clear that the TB12 Foundation can best serve those with financial needs and anyone suffering from debilitating injury or illness.

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