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Send Us Your Swing: A Comprehensive Golf Mobility Analysis

  • 2 min read
  • May 2020
  • By TB12 Team

Submit a short video of your golf swing, and one of our expert TB12 Body Coaches will review the video and evaluate your swing mobility in three key areas – hip mobility, spine mobility, and posture. Our TB12 Body Coaches are experts at identifying the physiological limitations that prevent golfers from reaching their full potential on the course.

All you need to do is email us two short videos of your swing – one filmed from behind the ball on your trail leg side so we can see you swing towards the target, and one filmed facing the front of your body directly so we can evaluate your hip turn – at

Once our Body Coaches review your videos, they’ll send you a detailed follow-up within 48 hours assessing your swing mobility and will share some pliability, mobility, and functional exercise videos that they believe will take your swing to the next level!

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Send Us Your Swing

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