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  • Pliability for Recovery

How to Get Started With a Vibrating Roller or Sphere

  • 4 min read
  • September 2019
  • By TB12 Staff

“Pliability is the missing leg of the traditional strength and conditioning model of aerobic exercise and lifting weights. By infusing pliability into your workout regimen, you’ll receive the same benefits I do — to be able to perform at peak levels and minimize the risk of injury. If you do get injured, pliability is the fast lane to recovery.” — Tom Brady

“If you use a speed that feels too intense, that’s an indication that you should drop down a speed or two.” — James Castrello, Head Body Coach/TB12 Foxboro


Before and after workouts


One minute per muscle


Be consistent


Use the sphere for hard to reach spots


Work toward higher vibration levels


Strive to make a change


Make it part of the mix

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