5 Functional Exercises Every Golfer Should Be Doing

5 Functional Exercises Every Golfer Should Be Doing

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Golf requires an intricate combination of mobility, stability, and balance, as well as the ability to create ground force production and torque. If you ask any amateur golfer what they want to accomplish this golf season, they’ll most likely tell you they want longer carries and better consistency.

Here are five functional exercises every golfer should be doing to improve their power without sacrificing consistency.

1. Pelvic Tilts and Rotations at Address

Goal: To improve mobility of the hips.

Pelvic Tilts: Pretend your waistline is a bucket of water, while standing at address, tilt the bucket forward and backwards without dropping the chest or excessively bending the knees.

Tip: Does that feel “sticky”? If so, try a modified version with your hands on the wall or down on all fours.

Pelvic Rotations: At address, cross your arms across your chest, without moving your upper body or shifting your hips side to side, alternate rotating your lead hip backwards then your trail hip backwards.

Tip: Stand with your trail hip touching a couch, when you rotate, your hip should not come in contact with the couch. This will help prevent sway in your backswing.

2. Lateral Band Walks

Goal: Activation of the glutes for lower body stability.

Place a small looped band around the knees. Step to your right by pushing off of your left leg for 3 steps, then return to your left by pushing off of your right leg for 3 steps. Keep your feet apart throughout the movement and do not move your upper body from center.

Tip: Keep your knees pressed out against the band and the majority of weight in your heels, this will help you feel this exercise in your glutes

    3. Pallof Press

    Goal: Lower body stability with upper body mobility. Additionally, upper & lower body dissociation.

    Press both arms straight out from your chest, then bring your arms back in. Move your arms quickly and fluidly throughout. Repeat this motion continuously, being sure to not move your lower body. Repeat this motion on your other side.

    Tip: Be sure not to shrug your shoulders up towards your ears, keep them down and relaxed.

    4. Single Leg Balance with Core Halo

    Goal: Improve balance, and upper & lower body dissociation.

    Standing on one foot, move your hands from overhead to one shoulder, then back overhead and over to your other shoulder. Return your hands overhead and repeat this motion continuously. Switch legs and complete the same motion. Engage your core muscles to make sure you're moving with control throughout.

    Tip: Find a fixed point with your eyes and focus on the point like you would on the ball.

    5. Hip Rotation Medicine Ball Side Throw

    Goal: Creating ground force production and rotational power.

    Throw the ball underhand from your trail hip toward the wall, rotating your trail hip toward the wall. Catch the ball off of the wall and repeat this motion continuously. Repeat this motion on your other side.

    Tip: Let your hips and core do the work, squeeze the trail leg glute and power the ball through hip rotation.

    At TB12, we believe that going into games and competitions with the right mindset is key to achieving the results you want. In addition to doing these exercises, check out this post on how to approach the game with a winning mindset.