Here’s What You Can Learn From Tom Brady’s Longevity

Here’s What You Can Learn From Tom Brady’s Longevity

After 23 seasons and seven championships, Tom Brady has proven that the key to his success is his capacity to change. While many athletes get stuck in a cycle of injury and rehab—trapped in the belief that strength training is the only path toward peak performance—Tom has learned how powerful the ability to adapt can be.


Tom accepts no limits, challenges convention and expands possibilities, giving hope to athletes everywhere that no matter where you are in your journey, you can always grow, and you can always stay in motion.

He’s still here. He’s still pushing the limits. He’s only getting better.

And so can you.

Tom credits his long-time partnership with his Body Coach and TB12 Co-Founder Alex Guerrero with helping him continue to improve and defy the odds well into his 40s. In over a decade and a half together, the duo have endured the pain of an ACL injury and multiple Super Bowl heartbreaks – only for Tom to come back even stronger the next season. After 23 seasons and seven Super Bowl wins, Tom still isn’t ready to slow down.

Alex understands Tom’s strengths and weaknesses, and the pair are relentless in their pursuit of the goals they set together. They’ve committed years to a routine of muscle pliability work and functional strength and conditioning exercises, all with the goal of improving Tom’s on-field performance and helping him stay healthy.

Longevity isn’t just for NFL quarterbacks who want to play at the highest level for as long as possible, and neither is TB12. We can help anyone do what they love for as long as they can – by guiding them through the steps necessary to make it possible. With our commitment to a personalized approach to improving performance and recovery, we’re here to make longevity attainable for everyone.

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