Tom House on the Importance of Failing on the Path to Success

Tom House on the Importance of Failing on the Path to Success

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On today’s episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with the man who is considered by many to be the father of modern throwing mechanics and a legend among elite pitchers and quarterbacks – Tom House!

Tom’s resume is incredible – he was a Major League Baseball pitcher for almost a decade, though he’ll be the first to tell you that the highlight of his career actually came in the bullpen, where he caught Hank Aaron’s record-breaking 715th home run ball. His pitching career naturally led him into coaching, and he broke into the majors with the Texas Rangers, where he worked closely with hall of famer Nolan Ryan.

Tom is regarded as the only coach on the planet who has trained with Hall of Famers in baseball, football and golf, but his path to football is a unique one. He was notorious for having his pitchers throw around a football as a way of reinforcing proper biomechanics, and his work caught the eye of coaches and players outside of baseball in the early 2000’s.

Though many of our listeners may know Tom from his work coaching our Co-Founder Tom Brady throughout his career, he has also served as the personal coach to star athletes like Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, Randy Johnson, Cole Hamels, and thousands of other elite professional, college, high school and youth QBs and pitchers.

This is a fascinating conversation with Tom about the lessons he has learned throughout his incredible career, the importance of mentorship, and what it’s like to work closely with so many of the top athletes in the world.

You’re going to love this conversation with the legendary Tom House! Let’s go.