Why Staying Hydrated is Essential

Why Staying Hydrated is Essential

CHANCES ARE You’re Dehydrated Right Now

Our bodies are made of 60 to 80 percent water, and our muscles alone are 75 percent water. This means proper hydration is essential to our body’s daily functions. Pliability simply cannot exist without it. In Tom Brady's words, “Hydration and pliability are interdependent. How fast or slowly you develop pliable muscles depends to a large extent on how well hydrated you are."

Hydrated muscles are like a thick tenderloin. Dehydrated muscles are like beef jerky. Think about the difference between a fresh piece of tenderloin and a dried piece of beef jerky. The tenderloin is healthy and supple, whereas the beef jerky is shriveled and dried out. That beef jerky is what dehydrated muscles look like. You want your muscles to resemble the thick tenderloin. Water alone isn’t always enough to fully hydrate your body. It’s essential to replenish electrolytes as well.

Electrolytes amplify hydration by helping you fully absorb the water you drink. They also replenish the minerals your body needs, especially if you're working out often. Most of us are familiar with electrolyte-infused sports drinks, but those include excess sugar and flavoring. TB12™ Electrolytes are free of those unhealthy additives like flavoring and sugar, which makes hydration easier than ever. Just add a squirt to your water and you’re ready to go. Learn more about electrolytes and why they're important.


An easy way to increase your daily water intake is to add it to your routine. Follow these three tips to keep your body hydrated. Start your day off with a glass of water. This is a great way to kick-start your day and help keep your hydration in check. To keep a steady level of hydration throughout the day, try to spread out your drinking evenly. The exact amount depends on your body weight, but one glass of water every hour or two is generally enough. Invest in a reusable water bottle. You’ll benefit both the environment and your wallet. Remember, proper hydration isn't just the foundation for pliability — it’s the foundation for your overall health.