Introducing The 2019 TB12 Foundation Marathon Team

TB12 is proud to announce that the 2019 John Hancock Boston Marathon® Non-Profit Program has selected the TB12 Foundation as an official charity of the 2019 Boston Marathon.

All proceeds raised by the 2019 TB12 Foundation Marathon Team will benefit the TB12 Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to maximizing the health and potential of athletes by providing opportunities for holistic wellness education and elite level performance training and services. Learn more at

Meet The Team:

Will  — Reading, MA

Will grew up in Boston playing many sports — baseball, basketball, soccer, and track and field. But when his competitive days were over, he searched for a way to satisfy his competitive spirit. That is when he picked up running. He is no stranger to the Boston Marathon as 2019 will be his seventh time running — but this time, he aims to run it in fewer than four hours.



Cliff  — Medford, MA

Cliff grew up in southern New Hampshire watching his father run 16 consecutive Boston Marathons. Then in 2008, he ran his first Boston Marathon in 4 hours and 35 minutes. He has run four Boston Marathons after his first but has yet to finish faster than he did in 2008. Now, the owner of Warehouse Bar & Grille looks to break the elusive 4-hour marathon mark.



Rich — Boston, MA

Rich approaches the starting line with one thing in mind — winning. He isn’t the biggest, fastest, or strongest, but the mentality he carries into his training and races would tell you otherwise. The 2019 Boston Marathon will be his fifth Boston Marathon and his ninth marathon overall.



Susan — Boston, MA

Susan has been running since she used to miss the bus in elementary school. Now she is the founder of CharityTeams, has run hundreds of races and dozens of marathons, and continues to qualify for the Boston Marathon, year after year.




Greg believes “Life is a bunch of little decisions that become big. I love being able to show my kids the importance of staying active.” As the VP of Brand at TB12, McEachern is set on living out the ethos of the brand — doing what you love better and for longer. In just a few months he will be turning forty, and he has made longevity a goal. Greg hopes to run the marathon in under 3:45 and be the fittest he’s ever been.


Colin — simsbury, ct

Over the past 18 months, Colin has run 10 marathons, traveled the world, and even earned his World Marathons Six Star Finisher Medal. He ran his first Boston Marathon last year, and this year, he’s ready for more. This year, Colin is hoping warmer weather gives him an edge on 2019 so he can run the best marathon of his life.



WENDY — dedham, MA

I can’t think of a better motivation to complete 26.2 miles than to raise fund to help young people achieve their goals and reach their full potential. For many years I wrote speeches for the late Mayor Menino, including his remarks after the bombings. This year I am thrilled to be running for the victims and their families–be one of the thousands of runners crossing that line in the name of the love and resilience this race is about.


Samantha  — Boston, MA

Samantha is a senior at Wake Forest University studying Communication. She ran the 2018 Boston Marathon almost one year after her second Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgery and was fully healthy after just three months of rehabbing her knee at the TB12 Center. The 2019 Boston Marathon will be her second marathon, one that she hopes to finish in less than 4 hours.



You can learn more about the team’s journey to the 2019 Boston Marathon on or @TB12Foundation.

Registered Runners

Calling all marathon qualifiers! If you have already qualified for the 2019 Boston Marathon, you can join our team as a registered runner. If you do qualify as a registered runner and would like to join our team, you will be responsible for raising $2,000 for the TB12 Foundation. Apply here.

Support The Team

You can support the TB12 Foundation and the TB12 Foundation Marathon Team by:

Purchasing a TB12™ Marathon T-shirt

Purchasing a Limited Edition signed copy The TB12 Method by Tom Brady

Making a tax-deductible donation to the TB12 Foundation 

A portion of all profits from TB12 Marathon T-shirt and Limited Edition Signed “The TB12 Method” sales will benefit the TB12 Foundation.

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