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TB12 Explained: Our Approach to Functional Training

  • 5 min read
  • January 2021
  • By TB12 Team
Resistance Band Training Tips

You might’ve heard that Tom Brady primarily uses resistance bands in his approach to functional strength & conditioning.

“At TB12, around 90 percent of what we do —and I do — involves working out with resistance bands,” he says. “A lot of athletes show up at the TB12 Center with a fixed idea about how resistance bands work, and some even associate them with rehab. Many are surprised to find that resistance bands work their bodies functionally better than weights do in terms of resistance, versatility, and maximizing efficiency.”

We believe that pliability and functional training are the key tenets of a healthy, active lifestyle centered on performance and recovery. Pliability is the crucial missing leg that will complete and complement your workouts. Pliability combined with training that revolves around targeting muscle groups with exercises that mirror your body’s normal, functional movements are the keys to staying healthy over a long period of time.

Tom Brady using resistance band training methods.



Band Resisted Squat


Standing Double-Arm Row

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